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This template is not to be translated, it is used in Ambassador Program pages as a list of all ingame Ambassadors

In-game Active Ambassadors:

Name Country
4RN0 Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Admiral General Mickey (XMikiGOx) Israel Icon-Israel.png
Ahsan Pakistan Icon-Pakistan.png
Albert tseng Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Alexandross Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
alpho Romania Icon-Romania.png
Amli Nujhan Malaysia Icon-Malaysia.png
Andreas Bo Greece Icon-Greece.png
andycro Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Apokalipto Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png
Aradjanski Branko Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Arcanic Legend (theirina) South Korea Icon-South Korea.png
Arlind Albania Icon-Albania.png
Arthk Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Axithe Russia Icon-Russia.png
bandigarf Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Bogdan-Halamydnyk Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Boyan Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
BrunoCostel Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Ciobi Spartanu Romania Icon-Romania.png
Clopoyaur Romania Icon-Romania.png
Curlybear Belgium Icon-Belgium.png
CybeRNerO Greece Icon-Greece.png
Darth Pointy (Cidadao) Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
dimikala Greece Icon-Greece.png
Don Machak (aurelije the family guy) Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
DrKaban Chile Icon-Chile.png
El Corazon Quemado (Karolina Jesieniecka) Russia Icon-Russia.png
elbandido Romania Icon-Romania.png
Elbert Gong Poland Icon-Poland.png
Es Guile Russia Icon-Russia.png
Fairy King (M4st3rM1nd) Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Freiheitskaempfer Germany Icon-Germany.png
(ayase sayuki, milk ole)
Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
GabryFure Italy Icon-Italy.png
Garmacor Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Gh.Nirvana Iran Icon-Iran.png
Gucio Poland Icon-Poland.png
Gulitiwi Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
gyika Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
higter Germany Icon-Germany.png
IM7 Armon (Armon) Montenegro Icon-Montenegro.png
Josx Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Kentavr Russia Icon-Russia.png
Kherehabath Poland Icon-Poland.png
Kimilla Italy Icon-Italy.png
kloraq Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Kris Tine China Icon-China.png
kyuu bee China Icon-China.png
Lagertha. (Altario, Gramozor) Albania Icon-Albania.png
Leo Syahmessi Malaysia Icon-Malaysia.png
Madre Superiora Italy Icon-Italy.png
Madvieri Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Magic Poland Icon-Poland.png
Maine Coon Denmark Icon-Denmark.png
Maked0ner Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png
Markus S Germany Icon-Germany.png
Master_rg Germany Icon-Germany.png
MaZzA Italy Icon-Italy.png
MemphisHU Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
MickeyHowl Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Misho (Swedish.) Sweden Icon-Sweden.png
Mr.CaCkO Slovenia Icon-Slovenia.png
Nerzhu1 Malaysia Icon-Malaysia.png
NIKrumov (Chukcha) Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Papichello (KE LE, teknik562) Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Persian Myth Iran Icon-Iran.png
PetrovichVrag Russia Icon-Russia.png
Pisco Sour (Tio Lucho, Humerus) Paraguay Icon-Paraguay.png
Plato eRepublik Icon-eRepublik.png
pernik1948 Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
R O B E R (fanasimpson) Argentina Icon-Argentina.png
Rapaz_avr Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Rudolf Maist3r (Persian Punisher) Iran Icon-Iran.png
Sergeant Spring Goat
(Sergeant Spring, Sergeant Autumn)
Israel Icon-Israel.png
Starkad Rorlikson Germany Icon-Germany.png
StrozeR Poland Icon-Poland.png
szeku Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
theface Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
TheJakal Pakistan Icon-Pakistan.png
Troqneca Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Unihorn Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
vingaer Poland Icon-Poland.png
Z N Gorki Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Rudolf Peresin
(Zadarski Osvetnik, Antonio Wimer)
Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
ZmicerU Belarus Icon-Belarus.png
Zordacz Poland Icon-Poland.png
zvoc Croatia Icon-Croatia.png

Dead citizen.png Dead citizen
Dead Ambassadors:
Name Country
3meu Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Acoutinho Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Adin Odmin Romania Icon-Romania.png
Ahmed AE Saudi Arabia Icon-Saudi Arabia.png
Ahmed Am Saudi Arabia Icon-Saudi Arabia.png
Alexander Matteo Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Alexis Nikiforos Greece Icon-Greece.png
AlexMCS182 France Icon-France.png
AlexSkopje Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png
Allyenna China Icon-China.png
AmirA2 Iran Icon-Iran.png
An1mewn1k (RoDmiS-73) Russia Icon-Russia.png
Anarchist UA (Banderivets777) Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
AntrikosA Greece Icon-Greece.png
Artiga Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Asomac Greece Icon-Greece.png
AThompson Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Atracurium China Icon-China.png
Big Brother USA Icon-USA.png
boikov Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Bond Guevara Indonesia Icon-Indonesia.png
Buck Roger Canada Icon-Canada.png
burakkocamis Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
BuzzY Poland Icon-Poland.png
C4nis Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Caroline au Marymont Poland Icon-Poland.png
carpet15 Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Cavalcanti Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
(KSA Fighter)
Saudi Arabia Icon-Saudi Arabia.png
Chicco USA Icon-USA.png
chugaystyr Russia Icon-Russia.png
Christian Doe Canada Icon-Canada.png
CoKTaTiN Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Colansi France Icon-France.png
CroRuxa Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
columbia Greece Icon-Greece.png
Cyrus_Great Iran Icon-Iran.png
DarichTheThird Russia Icon-Russia.png
Dark Thunder Italy Icon-Italy.png
Dartooth Russia Icon-Russia.png
(Sir Marvin, Twoj Stary)
Poland Icon-Poland.png
DFPMP Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Dimow Brando Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Dokabi South Korea Icon-South Korea.png
Dom DomiBoss Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Eashoa Msheekha Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Eav Grey Russia Icon-Russia.png
edmako Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Edward Edison Russia Icon-Russia.png
Emergy Maxfell United Kingdom Icon-United Kingdom.png
Enkel Albania Icon-Albania.png
Ernesto Jeon South Korea Icon-South Korea.png
EucliwoodHellscythe Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Eugene Rozov Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
FelipeII Spain Icon-Spain.png
Fleija Italy Icon-Italy.png
FlorenciaC Argentina Icon-Argentina.png
Franz Sigel Japan Icon-Japan.png
Furio Italy Icon-Italy.png
GerRove Russia Icon-Russia.png
Gianpaolo Buccheri
(Hallelujah eBrazil, Henrique CS,
King Solaris, Johannes Solaris)
Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Glorietta (Gloriux) Italy Icon-Italy.png
Gustavius Sweden Icon-Sweden.png
GustavoGomes (Aritex, Gustavo CAT) Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Happy Drunk Goat
(ISRAELI GOAT, a neria, 449 MAE Air Wing)
Israel Icon-Israel.png
hazem95 Saudi Arabia Icon-Saudi Arabia.png
hawkerhunter07 (Marcchelala) Canada Icon-Canada.png
Henrique G. Pinheiro Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Herr Schmidt Germany Icon-Germany.png
Hoffman12 Slovenia Icon-Slovenia.png
Hopesa Indonesia Icon-Indonesia.png
Ingo Wilmes Poland Icon-Poland.png
Isy Germany Icon-Germany.png
Jan Karal Chadkievicz (Hyena Black) Belarus Icon-Belarus.png
John Wilkmot Canada Icon-Canada.png
Kalle Holm Sweden Icon-Sweden.png
karaj22 Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Kartalon Spain Icon-Spain.png
Kirill Volkov Russia Icon-Russia.png
KittyKet Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Kixtart Netherlands Icon-Netherlands.png
KOR_Sohn South Korea Icon-South Korea.png
KOSOVA PEYONI Albania Icon-Albania.png
kozman szlachetny Poland Icon-Poland.png
Kryvich Belarus Icon-Belarus.png
Kumnaa United Kingdom Icon-United Kingdom.png
Kushtrimzz Albania Icon-Albania.png
KutlukBilgeKulKagan USA Icon-USA.png
LadyArgana Greece Icon-Greece.png
Last Life (Lignja) Albania Icon-Albania.png
Laveol Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
LcfR Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
Leaffly Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Light Bulb Israel Icon-Israel.png
Lipec Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Lord Vaako Turkey Icon-Turkey.png
Lucius Varenus USA Icon-USA.png
Martin134 Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
MAt1307 Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Matthieu Bonne France Icon-France.png
Mcsam Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Meiko Spain Icon-Spain.png
Michael Collins Ireland Icon-Ireland.png
MiDoLi Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
MissingYou Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
MKVII Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Monkeyboom Yau Malaysia Icon-Malaysia.png
Mr. Apocalypse (junecaz) Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Myrfalas Greece Icon-Greece.png
Nick Auditore Italy Icon-Italy.png
nickname778 Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
niouton France Icon-France.png
Papa Frantz France Icon-France.png
paranoik Spain Icon-Spain.png
PaulPro Russia Icon-Russia.png
Pjatt Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Podgoricki Zvijuk Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
Quicksilver Hungary Icon-Hungary.png
Radio Active Goat
(Meitnerium 109, Rickolas)
Israel Icon-Israel.png
Raikael Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
RegisAjR Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Rhevard Italy Icon-Italy.png
Rhodesknight Greece Icon-Greece.png
ricky4a (Riccardo Quarta) Italy Icon-Italy.png
Rosa Violet Carson (Ryan Cullen) Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
(Pinky Freud, Scorpiu)
Brazil Icon-Brazil.png
Sakal_ks Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
salonikiosss Greece Icon-Greece.png
Santirub Argentina Icon-Argentina.png
ScimitarInd Indonesia Icon-Indonesia.png
Siewca wiatru Poland Icon-Poland.png
Sinan Ks Albania Icon-Albania.png
Smurfius Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Snayke China Icon-China.png
Soonchica Serbia Icon-Serbia.png
Squall Leonheart Bulgaria Icon-Bulgaria.png
srdant Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Sucko Croatia Icon-Croatia.png
Sunsetter Romania Icon-Romania.png
Szkodniq Poland Icon-Poland.png
T.FatherGO (T.GodFather) Israel Icon-Israel.png
taguaro Spain Icon-Spain.png
ThomasRed Belgium Icon-Belgium.png
Tsunayoshi Ryuzaki Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
Valz Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Varlosh Egypt Icon-Egypt.png
verdiszno Poland Icon-Poland.png
Weyder Spain Icon-Spain.png
Wooucake Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
wrennina Italy Icon-Italy.png
XDDrz Taiwan Icon-Taiwan.png
XtaSia Romania Icon-Romania.png
xSteviex Ukraine Icon-Ukraine.png
Yamisuke Italy Icon-Italy.png
yoskyyyyy Belarus Icon-Belarus.png
ZeNaifas Portugal Icon-Portugal.png
- ambassador banned