Augustus Caesar

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Dead citizen

Augustus Caesar

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Augustus Caesar.jpg
Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 2087
Date of birth April 22, 2008
Date of death October 2010
Residence Florida, USA
Military rank Icon rank Major.png Major
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Augustus Caesar was a citizen of USA. He has been a citizen of eRepublik since the beta version of the game.


First steps into the eRepublik world

Augustus Caesar first heard about eRepublik while reading one of the threads at Total War Center, one of the largest Total War community fansites in the web. After reading the comments of the eRepublik veterans on the thread, his curiosity peaked up and wanted to get an account. He asked one of the users if he could send an invite to him. Although the asked user said he ran out of invites, he was told of the official eRepublik UK forum, which offers invites to those who want an account. Thus, he created an account on the forum (which doesn't match his eRepublik name by the way) and posted a reply on an offer made by Kaladian. His reply was later answered by an email invite.

Commonplace events

After accepting the invite, Augustus Caesar decided to live in the United Kingdom, specifically London. On his first day, he was filled with confusion - not knowing what to do next. He decided to turn to the tutorial page for help, which answered all his questions. He then posted his CV. However after sometime, he received no job offer. Because of this impasse, he consulted the UK forums for help. He then received a reply from Smartbomb, who offered him a position at Royal Ordnance. Desperate for a livelihood, he accepted the job offer. He worked for the company for several months.

A job however didn't satisfy his wants, for he wanted a high level of One:Wellness (now Health). Thus, he began inviting several other people from Once accumulated enough gold, he bought several wellness packs and got his wellness up to 100. While he was working for Royal Ordnance, he joined UK Reform. He also got into an almost daily training routine as well. He also wanted the best quality house available - he eventually got one by inviting more friends.

After several months, Augustus Caesar was offered a post at BFG Tech, which offered him a higher salary than his current company. He accepted the job offer and was employed for the company of a couple of months. Then another offer came months later, this time from Empire Weapons. Having a high salary offer, he accepted the job. Months later, he received a letter from his employer encouraging him to move to Northern Ireland, something which he eventually did. However months after V1 came out, he was fired "to maximize productivity." His employer though offered him a post at Whales & Gifts, another company the employer owned; the salary at this new job didn't satisfy him nonetheless. Because of this, he searched for a job offering. He found the perfect one at Aurum Arms, and was working there until January 3, 2009 when he was fired supposedly to "maximize productivity." This event though he thought was unfair, considering that there were employees who had a lower skill than him who weren't fired. He temporarily got a job at MAXAM WEAPON; after a mere four days though, Augustus Caesar once again was fired for no apparent reason. He then got a position at Organic Food, and worked there until the Belgians regained control of Brussels.

On that day, he decided to move to California, USA and was hired by Brain Holdings Food Q5. He then became a member of the United States Workers Party. Days later, he resigned his job and joined with Golden Gun Ltd. who was offering a higher wage. Days after Portugal conquered the Northeast, he resigned and was employed at Metabolic Interrupt Kits. Later he was found working at Imperial Foods Q4 when Metabolic couldn't provide him an acceptable salary. He moved to Florida when wargames between America and Ireland were underway. His reason: the Q5 hospital situated in the region. His transfer of region within the country would prove useful to him, as he would always jump into a battle whenever he had the opportunity.

On March 12, 2009 he founded the Knights Templar, an organization that he hopes to use to manage companies once he has sufficient funds.

Sometime in February 2010, Augustus Caesar intentionally starved himself to death because he was bored with the game.

On August 5, 2010, he was revived after fellow fans of the Total War series were talking about the game, and this rekindled his interest in the game. When he came back he found a world that was very different from months ago. He's now working at Q Tickets.

On the front lines as a soldier

Taste of Warfare

After the tide turned against the ATLANTIS invasion of France, the French invasion of Belgium commenced after Britain lost control of Lower Normandy. Desiring for glory and feelings of patriotism swelling in him, Augustus Caesar moved from Northern Ireland to Brussels. Once there, he soon threw himself into battle four times. However this had a huge impact on his wellness, which was reduced to 45% at one point. Despite this, his valiant efforts on the battlefield helped in preventing the French from conquering the region.

Service under the Star Spangled Banner

He fought in several battles during the USA-Mexico War. The first was at the battle for Valley of Mexico. He fought several times and became a corporal for his daring attacks. He fought his third battle at Oaxaca. He also fought at Pacific Coast of Mexico, and Southeast of Mexico. He the fought at Oaxaca for a second time against the Portuguese and became a sergeant. He fought against Portugal again when they attacked Valley of Mexico. He became a lieutenant during a resistance war in Baja. Eventually during the Great War of 2009, he was promoted to colonel. During the war he fought in many regions of his country - from Alaska to California, Hawaii to Montana, Utah to Georgia, Washington D.C. to Vermont. He nearly became bankrupt during this time because of his excessive spending on weapons and Q5 food. His valiant efforts, along with some of his fellow Americans, has helped in preventing PEACE from conquering the entire country. He said he is proud to be fighting for his country alongside with his fellow countrymen. Because of the invasion, Augustus Caesar felt that PEACE was an imperialistic, warmongering alliance bent on conquering the world. The invasion, he said, reminded him of the game World in Conflict - "except this time," as he said, "the exact opposite of the game's storyline happens - the invasion of America succeeds and the States is forced to sign a humiliating peace to prevent the country's total annihilation."

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