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Energy and what influences it

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House increases citizen's recoverable energy.
Like all products, it can be purchased on marketplace.

Producing houses

  • House Raw Material.png House raw material is used to produce houses.
  • If the country owns a region that's connected to capital with sand, clay, wood, limestone or granite, every company in that country will get +20% production bonus per resource; otherwise, regions not connected to capital will provide half of the production bonus (+10%).

House qualities

The effectiveness of houses depend on their quality.

A house's quality level determines three characteristics: durability (in days), energy bonus and recoverable energy bonus:

Q7 house
  • Q1: 7 days, +50 energy bonus, 0 recoverable energy bonus
  • Q2: 15 days, +50 energy bonus, 0 recoverable energy bonus
  • Q3: 7 days, +100 energy bonus, 0 recoverable energy bonus
  • Q4: coming soon
  • Q5: coming soon
  • Q6: coming soon
  • Q7: coming soon

House durability determines how many days it may be reused before having to be disposed of. For example, a Q1 house only lasts 7 days, while Q2 one lasts 15 days. On the other hand, energy bonus determines how much energy points the house provides to the citizen.
In addiction to durability and energy bonus, Q6 and Q7 houses also provide a recoverable energy bonus.

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