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Daily order example; visual displayed in the news feed on homepage

Daily order is a military order given out by military unit. To receive the order, a citizen needs to be part of a military unit.

The order is to defeat 25 enemies on a certain battlefield.

Setting up the daily order

The page with Daily order and Battle priorities, which can be accessed by clicking the Military unit Daily Orders tab; accessible only to military unit leaders

Daily order can be set up by the leaders of the military unit. Orders can be set every day and members have until the day change to complete them.

The battle that is selected for the daily order can be any direct active battle between two countries or any resistance war. If no battle is selected, an automatic daily order will be chosen by the battle priorities set by the unit commander. For all Military Units except ones marked with an Elite status, the daily order can only be set for battles involving the country where the unit is located or one of the allied countries.

Only the Elite units will have the option to set any battle as the Daily order.

How a daily order is displayed to a member?

1. An order set by the military unit leadership:
2. An order set by the military unit battle priorities

Each new order set by the leadership will have higher priority and will be displayed first.

How to see a daily order for my unit?

Daily orders are visible on several pages:

  • On my military unit page; under deployment on military unit info - all active orders are visible
  • As a pop-up window on every page (can be turned off in settings) - only the highest priority active order is visible
  • On news feed on homepage (can be turned off in settings) - only the highest priority active order is visible

Special conditions

There are some special conditions regarding daily orders:

  • First daily order is set by Military Unit's battle priorities (the lowest priority)
  • 5 daily orders a day can be set up by the military unit leaders.
  • Daily orders are available until the specific battle ends
  • Once set, daily order cannot be revoked until the battle ends. However, new battle order can be set which will automatically be ranked more important.


A citizen can get his reward after defeating 25 people in the battles set by his military unit

Every day, the citizen can complete only one daily order each day and get a reward. To get a reward, a citizen has to defeat successfully 25 enemies from the daily order(s) set in their military unit. This is the easiest to do by following one daily order.

However, it doesn't have to be done by following only one order, it can be combined with several orders. For example, if there are 3 valid daily orders set (the battles are still ongoing), one to fight in Central Croatia, one to fight in Michigan, and one to fight in London, a citizen can find 10 enemies in Central Croatia, 4 in Michigan and 11 in London to achieve the daily order.

Upon completion, a citizen will be rewarded with 5 different Bazooka parts and 1 energy bar.

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