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Soldier related terms

Basic concepts: Military rankAircraft rankStrengthDamageInfluenceWeaponBoosterBattlefieldGround battleAircraft battle
Actions: TrainingFightDeployGuerrilla fights
Achievements: Battle heroCampaign heroFreedom fighterMercenarySky heroSuper soldierTop aviatorTop fighterTrue patriot
Military unit: RegimentDaily orderCombat orders
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Tips and tricks: Military tutorialMilitary formulas

A pop-up window which occurs when a soldier clicks on fight button. Damage is visible on the top of window
Icon Damage.png Damage is one of the most important statistics for a soldier on the battlefield. Damage is calculated every time soldier clicks fight or deploy and defeats the opponent. Damage affects the influence and as well is important for military achievements (true patriot; battle hero).

Higher the citizen's strength, as well does the soldier uses a weapon, the higher amount of damage will be inflicted.

There are two main types of damage mentioned in the New World:

Each citizen can also see their top damage in a single campaign on their profile.

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