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Flag of FORTIS
Type Defensive alliance
Members 2

Fortis was one of the two successor alliances to ATLANTIS. Its membership was intended to include the USA, Canada, Spain, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. However disputes over weighted voting caused Ireland and the United Kingdom to drop out, followed by Spain. Only the American Congress formally signed the charter, though Canada's staunch allegiance with America is considered by many to be de facto Canadian membership.


Member countries (Green)


Fortis was to be a defensive alliance founded to increase its member nations collective security and cooperative partnerships. The alliance would have consisted of a Security Council with equal voting among all members, an elected Secretary-General to lead the Council, and a variety of other bureaucratic affairs. The personnel team of the alliance would have intended to increase dialog and partnership among the member nations. Of the utmost important to the alliance would have been its collective security. Fortis would have done whatever was necessary to keep American and alliance interests safe and secure.

The membership of Fortis was allegedly kept small intentionally to avoid having to juggle fundamental differences between many members.

The regional focus of Fortis was in the North Atlantic area. Nothing explicitly precluded the organization from expanding. Fortis had planned to have friendly relations with as many nations and alliances as possible. It would have welcomed countries that shared their common goals and that were willing and interested to join our partnership, though it should be noted that membership would have been by a unanimous vote and all member nations must have approved new membership applications. A Spanish article listed Greece, North Korea, Israel and South Africa as new members in the "near future".

During the Great War of 2009, Fortis was the name given to any troops from the US, Canada or Spain fighting on the defending side.

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