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Flag of Entente
Map of Entente
Formation January 4, 2010
Dissolution August 20, 2010
Type Military
Headquarters Paris Isle of France
Members 7

The Entente was a military alliance founded by France, Italy and Ukraine on the 4th of January 2010. It was created with the aim of being a neutral choice for countries that would not have to choose between EDEN and Phoenix.


Orignal logo
The Entente was founded during the World War IV, while Spain attacked France. A lot of countries defended France, some were close (like Ukraine and Italy) to EDEN, and some other were close or part of Phoenix (France itself was close to Phoenix). But without an alliance, France failed versus Spain and was practically invaded.

The idea of the Entente was born here: a neutral alliance between Phoenix and EDEN to unite countries who want to keep their freedom against bigger countries.


Alliance members


  • On July 6 of 2010 Icon-Italy.png Italy unilaterally decided to leave the Alliance.[1]
  • On August 3 of 2010 Icon-Belgium.png Belgium decided to leave the Alliance.[2]
  • On August 15 Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine left the alliance [3].
  • On August 20 Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay left the alliance [4].

Member Status

There are two tiers of commitment:

  1. Core Member Nations can't be members of other military alliances (EDEN or Phoenix), they may however be members of defensive alliances (like ALA or SOL). They coordinate the decision-making of the Entente in peacetime (when no war against any Member Nation of the Entente is active). The Secretary General must be from a Core Member Nation.
  2. Associate Member Nations may be members of other military alliances. However, whenever any Entente's Member Nation (regardless of its tier of commitment) is attacked, all Member Nations of the Entente must defend the attacked one.


[5] The Counsil of Entente has the ultimate power in decision making. Every member country (core and associate) appoints one Envoy to the counsil. Generally the Envoy is chosen by President or President himself can act as Envoy. The Envoys have the power to vote and express the will of their countries. Every member nations representatives have one vote in the Council. Most decisions are made by simple majority of the Council. If votes are divided equally, the final decision is postponed, new discussions will start until a compromise is reached.

Every core nations has the power to veto [1] council's decisions. This is to protect core nations from unnecessary or unwanted obligations. The Core nations have the right to veto any decision being taken by the Council (excluding the vote about expelling member of Entente).

Secretary General

Core nations share the leadership in the Council, by rotating the post of Secretary General between the countries Envoys. The Envoy takes the position of the SG for ten days. The exact order of succession could be decided by the Council.

SG manages all diplomatic and public relations and will be tightly controlled and guided by the Council. SG is responsible for gathering and moderating all Council meetings. Council meetings must be held at least twice for the duration of each SG’s term. Every country of the Entente has the right to demand the Secretary General to gather a Council meeting. SG could independently appoint deputies and assistants. However, the Council reserves the right to cancel any appointment by its decision. SG has the exclusive right to speak on behalf of the Entente and controls the organization and the newspaper. Whenever the Council believes a particular decision should be made public, the SG is obliged to publish it in the newspaper.

Secretary General does not have any control over the allied military forces and can not be the Commander-in-Chief in Entente’s campaigns for the duration of his term. SG may declare the mobilization to start a defensive Campaign either by himself (if Entente member is under attack) or by decision of the Council (in case of retaliation).

List of Secretary Generals

Month Secretary General Country Deputy SG Country
January Citizen1599604.jpg
Rednif Tap
February Citizen1440109 v2.png
March Citizen1440410.jpg
Luke Magitem
April Citizen1440109 v2.png
May Citizen1749435.jpg
June Citizen1599604.jpg
Rednif Tap
santirub Icon-Paraguay.png
Tim Paulsen Icon-France.png

The end of the alliance

On August 20th 2010, last representatives closed the alliance. Entente's Cycle had come to the end[6].


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