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Lazocracy (Turkish: Lazokrasi) is an international social group, economic organization, diaspora movement and a military force that was created by Ertugrul Han, teknik562 and canavur. It was first developed and adopted by the elder members of the Turkuaz Hareket and Cagdas Turkiye Partisi. Currently, Lazocracy has international members from all countries of the New World. Their main headquarters at the moment are in South Africa, where they control Party of Lazocracy Africa and Lazocracy Africa military unit.

Lazocracy Alliance
Flag of Lazocracy Alliance
Formation August 11, 2015
(Day 2821 of the New World)
Headquarters Flag-South Africa.jpg
Secretary-General Icon-South Africa.png CarterarthuRs
Members 2
Logo of Lazocracy
Owner Lazocracy
Country Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublik
Founders Turkuaz Hareket, Cagdas Turkiye Partisi
Services Political Warfare & Education & Communication & Military Force & Social Organization
Colours White & Blue
Song Lazocratic Poem
Website Lazokrasi


The word "Lazocracy" comes from the Trabzon dialect Lazca. The term was first coined by Ertugrul Han.

Lazocratic Movement

The first known Lazocratic movement started off in Turkey when the MYP gained an unbelievable amount of votes in the elections. The Lazocrats decided to immigrate out of Turkey and live a more democratic life than they were able to in Turkey. The later movement of the Lazocrats is to make sure a trustful and better government is secured in Turkey so the Turks can live in a democratic way. The movement has around 100 members from all over the New World. It's an international movement that intends to create a fair world, at least according to them.

Lazocratic Army

It is one of the fastest and most mobile armies in the whole New World. Tanks, marines and soldiers are called out when all members contact each other via Messenger, Skype and cell-phone. The army is independent and serves The Lazocratic Movement, Safety and Community.

An epic war:Macedonia - a video about damages of Lazocratic army in Macedonia battle. Lazocracy won this battle from -90.000 to +12.000 in 35 minutes.

List of armies:

Lazocratic Companies

Lazocrates have many companies around the New World.

Lazocratic Literature

Lazocrats are known for their speciality in poems related to diaspora movements and the dream day of reuniting with their homeland. The leading figures of this poetic movement were Eldarion Sionnodel, Lapsekos and ImHoTeP1907.

International Lazocracy Community Team

It was founded to improve international relations between all eRepublik citizens and Lazocrates. It was managed by burakkocamis.

Lazocratic Central Came

It was founded to help everybody with food, gifts etc. Every citizen can help it; and Came gives materials to poor people and when a Lazocrate needs a thing; he can ask for it from Came.

Lazokrat Merkez Came

Lazocratic TV

Lazocratic TV will be released with the details by Lazocracy.

Lazocratic Card (LazoCard)

It's a credit card for Lazocrates.

Lazocracy Alliance

On 11th of August 2015, an in-game alliance has been created between Icon-South Africa.png South Africa and Icon-Japan.png Japan.



This is a list of validated Lazocrates in alphabetical order.
Last update 03/26/2014


This is a list of validated Lazocrates in alphabetical order who are not active any more (Death - Banned Members; or the ones who left the movement).

Last update 27/01/2019

* Dead
** Banned

History of Lazocracy

Lazocracy was founded at the start of May. Lazocracy won many battles, however, history recorded is since the 566th day of eRepublik.

566th day=Lazocracy fought for Latvia in Estonia. Lazocracy showed its status against the imperialism of Finland. Lazocracy damaged over 20.000 damages in Latgale battle of Finland vs Baltic Countries war. Also, Lazocracy International Relations Administration made a meeting with Baltic country presidents.

567th day=Lazocracy fought for Latvia in Estonia again. Lazocrates damaged over 30.000 damages in Latgale battle of Finland vs Baltic Countries war but Finland conquered the region.

570th day=Some Lazocracy members fought in Attica and Macedonia resistances personally. Greece conquered Attica and Macedonia.

574th day=Lazocracy fought for Turkey in Central Greece. Hungary and many country citizens came to Turkey for help. Lazocracy fought over 200.000 in Central Greece. Also; Euphonix fought with Lazocratic Golds and Lazocratic flag.

But Central Greece is liberated to Greece now. Turkey lost.

575th day= New video for new members is released.The video language is Turkish and It's intending to gain new members to Lazocracy and eRepublik.

577th day= Lazocratic TV made its 1st broadcasting. Ertugrul Han talked on TV to the Turkish public and Lazocrates in Turkish.

579th day= Lazocrates fought in Vojvodina for Hungary against Croatia. The reason is that Croatians helped to Greece and US in Central Greece.

580th day= Lazocrates fought in Vojvodina for Hungary against Croatia again. Lazocracy damaged nearly 150.000. And Hungary conquered Vojvodina. Lazocrates will stay in Hungary and fight in Saxony.

582nd day= Lazocratic Card is released for all Lazocrates.

592nd day= Lazocracy Marshals cut the plan between Italy and Germany at Saxony-Anhalt. It was a wrong action.

593rd day= Lazocracy fought with Theocracy in German-Speaking Area and French-Speaking Area. Winning at German-Speaking Area.

594th day= Lazocracy fought with Theocracy in French-Speaking Area. Winning at French-Speaking Area.

595th day= French-Speaking Area Operation Video is released on Facebook.

596th day= Lazocracy Official Website is released in Turkish.

597th day= Lazocracy started a resistance war in Crete against some citizens from Turkey. It is a protest.

598th day= Lazocracy won the battle in Crete (-100k) with Theocrats. But, Steoks started 2 resistance wars in Thessaly and Ionian Islands. And Lazocracy fought in these battles.

625th day= Lazocracy candidate for the presidency, mkiziltoprak, won the elections. mkiziltoprak is the new president of Turkey now.

625th day= Jesusfbo (Lazocrate) won the presidential elections in Bolivia.

625th day= Turkey signed an MPP with Indonesia.

626th day= mkiziltoprak proposed a law to declare war against Greece.

626th day= 4 resistance wars started in Turkey in Thessaly, Epirus, Ionian Islands and the Aegean Islands.

627th day= Turkey declared war against Greece.

627th day= Turkey signed an MPP with Brazil.

627th day= Turkey attacked Macedonia and Central Greece.

627th day= Turkey secured 4 regions against RWs.

627th day= Resistance War started in Thessaly.

628th day= Macedonia was secured by Greece. Turkey attacked Crete.

628th day= Central Greece was secured by Greece. Greece retreated from Crete and Turkey conquered Crete.

628th day= Thessaly was secured by Turkey again.

628th day= Resistance War started in Epirus.

629th day= Greece attacked Peloponnese.

629th day= Epirus was secured by Turkey again.

629th day= Greece attacked Thessaly.

630th day= Greece attacked Epirus.

630th day= Peloponnese was conquered by Greece.

630th day= Greece attacked the Aegean Islands.

631st day= Thessaly was conquered by Greece in the 3rd time.

631st day= Epirus was conquered by Greece in the 3rd time.

631st day= Ukraine president proposed an alliance with Turkey.

631st day= Turkey has started to work for a baby boom. A baby boom video is released on Facebook.

631st day= Also, a fan page is sharing by citizens of Turkey on Facebook; citizens are sending invitation mails to magazines, newspapers and television; citizens are creating topics on the forums...

632nd day= Turkey signed an alliance with Ukraine.

633rd day= Greece attacked the Aegean Islands.

634th day= Greece conquered the Aegean Islands.

639th day= Turkey attacked Thrace and Aegean Islands. [Gokturk Operation V2]

640th day= Aegean Islands was conquered by Turkey.

640th day= Turkey attacked Peloponnese.

640th day= Thrace was secured by Greece.

640th day= Turkey attacked to Crete.

641st day= Peloponnese was secured by Greece.

641st day= Crete was secured by Greece.

641st day= Greece attacked the Aegean Islands.

642nd day= Aegean Islands was conquered by Greece again.

643rd day= Turkey signed an alliance with Bosnia and Herzegovina.