Alliance of Baltic Countries

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Alliance of Baltic Countries
Flag of Alliance of Baltic Countries
Map of Alliance of Baltic Countries
Formation March 31st, 2011
(Day 1227)
Dissolution December 2nd, 2012
(Day 1839)
Type Military Alliance
Secretary-General Flag-Estonia.jpg Gta4pk
Flag-Latvia.jpg gudrinieks
Flag-Lithuania.jpg gliookas II
Members 3

The Alliance of Baltic Countries (abbr. ABC) was a military & regional alliance consisting of 3 members who border each other.


The Alliance of Baltic Countries was created on the 31st of March, 2011, following the Lithuanian invasion of Zemgale, Latvia (which was repealed). The alliance was created for the three countries to work together as a fighting force. The aims for the alliance are[1]

  • Pursuit of a common foreign policy.
  • Military co-operation on the highest echelons of power.
  • Expansion of influence of the newly formed Alliance.
  • Increased economic integration and an increase in prosperity and well-being of each of the three nations.

The formation called for celebration amongst citizens, shouting "Hail eLithuania! Hail eLatvia! Hail eEstonia! Hail ABC!"[1]


  • On 2nd April 2011 as part of this alliance, the First Baltic War was born with two members of the ABC, Latvia and Lithuania invading Belarus for resources, they successfully won that battle.
  • ABC had been waging a war vs Asgard. The Baltic nations could not withstand the well trained and organized armies of the Norse Vikings. They surrendered and dissolved shortly after accepting their defeat and inferiority towards their Asgard Overlords. ABC would later be known, not as Alliance of Baltic Countries, but as Asgards Baltic Colonies.
  • On 2nd of December ABC was dissolved.[1]


Member countries (red)
Icon-Estonia.png Estonia Icon-Latvia.png Latvia Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania


As of April 2nd, the alliance was run by three Co-Secretary Generals who were actually Country presidents of the member countries of the alliance.

Co-Secretary Generals

Country Citizen
Icon-Estonia.png Estonia Jhonnytk
Icon-Latvia.png Latvia Soulcraft
Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania Tautis_LT