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Campaigns are fights over a region between two countries as part of a war between them. In most of the campaigns, allies of these two countries can participate on the battlefield fighting beside their allies.


Campaigns last from 12 to 28 hours depending on how many battles are needed to get enough points to win the campaign. The winner of a campaign is the side which first wins 150 points in total and will get to attack next in the war. Every campaign has 8-17 rounds which last between 90 and 120 minutes depending on how dominant one side is. Each round either has 4 ground battles and 1 aircraft battle.

Scoring points

Each division battle win is worth a different amount of points, it is scored as follows:

Division Campaign Points
Icon division 1 blue.png 1
Icon division 2 blue.png 2
Icon division 3 blue.png 3
Icon division 4 blue.png 5
Icon division Airforce blue.png 7

Note: If there is an epic battle, the winner gets double points for each epic division.

Winning a campaign

New look of the campaign details tab

Every division battle won adds points to the total points for the campaign, even if the round isn't completed yet, but the campaign won't finish before the round is completed.

After the 1st battle round, Country A wins divisions Icon division 1 blue.png (1pt) and Icon division 3 blue.png (3pts), Country B wins divisions Icon division 2 blue.png (2pts) and Icon division 4 blue.png (5pts).
The Campaign total score is thus:
Country A = 4 in total and Country B = 7 in total.
After the 2nd battle round, Country A wins divisions Icon division 3 blue.png (3pts) and Icon division 4 blue.png (5pts), Country B wins division Icon division 1 blue.png (1pt) and Icon division 2 blue.png (2pts).
The Campaign total score is thus:
Country A = 4 + 8 = 12 in total and Country B = 7 + 3 = 10 in total.

Winning a campaign requires at least 150 total points.


At the end of the campaign, an achievement Campaign hero is given. There is only one Campaign hero for each side in the campaign. It is awarded to the citizen who deals the most damage in the campaign regardless of their division.

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