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   headquarters={{FlagBall|Russia}} Khabarovsk, Russia|
   headquarters={{FlagBall|Russia}} Khabarovsk, Russia|
   secretary general={{FlagBall|Russia}} [[Syrin]] |
   secretary general={{FlagBall|Russia}} [[Syrin]] |
dissolution= Juny 15, 2014<br /><span style="font-size:9px;">(Day '''{{Day|Juny 15, 2014}}''' of the New World)</span>|
   members=1 |
   members=1 |
   trial members=|
   trial members=|

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Formation February 27, 2014
(Day 2291 of the New World)
Dissolution Juny 15, 2014
(Day Expression error: Unexpected < operator. of the New World)
Headquarters Icon-Russia.png Khabarovsk, Russia
Secretary-General Icon-Russia.png Syrin
Members 1

GREAT DIVINE RUSSIA is a military alliance consisting of a single country – Russia.
It was founded by Icon-Russia.png Russia and Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus on the eve of Maslenitsa 2014 to pursue common goals.


On February 27, 2014 (Day 2291 of the New World) GREAT DIVINE RUSSIA was founded by Icon-Russia.png Russia and Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus.

The alliance was officially announced on February 27, 2014 in Bank of Cyprus newspaper by Alliance Secretary Syrin and Russian and Cypriot Country Presidents.[1] Cyprus left the alliance on March 5, 2014 (Day 2297), so now Russia is the only member.


File:NDR map.png
Member countries (orange)

Icon-Russia.png Russia

Alliance Leadership

February 2014

Position Citizen
Alliance Secretary Icon-Russia.png Syrin



Countries agree that:

1. Russia is great and divine.

2. Tzar rules it.

3. No one disputes it.

4. All members drink tea from the samovar.

5. Feed your bear well.

This text is written with caviar on holy pancakes which are proudly eaten by founding members eRussia and eCyprus to pledge their allegiance to glorious principles of Great Divine Russian Empire.


  1. Great Divine Russia charter