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The Forum is a gathering place for all citizens of eRepublik to meet and chat about the happenings of the eWorld. On 21st January 2009 the forum was given a little adjustment. Old sections were swapped about and new sections were added, such as the announcement section.

Forums that are currently in use were implemented in 31st March 2010. They replaced the old forum platform with new better platform. With new platform you have possibility to search posts. Forums used to be divided in five different categories.

Since May 2011, Forum is unavailable because of technical issues. The date of reinitializing of the forum is unknown.

As "technical issues" last more than 3 months now and no details are given, it is believed that the forum was shut down on purpose by the eRepublik administration to avoid direct contact with players and make it harder to exchange opinions (especially regarding complaints). There are no technical issues that can make it impossible to create and run a simple forum with one or two sections.

In August 2013, Forum was officially released again for citizen with a post on eRepublik blog[1].

Sections of the Forum

Updates and Help

As the title says, it used to be a place for updates announcements. Newer players could ask help from older players.

Help section was deleted entirely, because the team decided that Forum is not a place suitable for help threads. New players should seek information on eRepublik Wiki or contact some more advanced players on IRC on National Forum. See this article for addresses for each of them.

Currently, announcements about in-game changes are given by sending Private Messages to all citizens or by informational pop-up windows.

Forums of eRepublik

Improve the New World

Here you could find public open letters, suggestions and feedback for eRepublik administration. Nowadays, official channel for contacting eRepublik team is Contact form.

Improve the New World section was deleted entirely, because of spam created by users. Suggestions to the team got moved to eRepublik Wiki, but Wiki Suggest project was also abandoned. Currently, you can contact the team by sending a ticket or an in-game Private Message.


Here you could talk about everything not related to eRepublik.

Off-topic section was deleted entirely, because of massive spam created by users.

External Forums

Almost all countries in eRepublik run external national forums, often used as the centre of government and community. See this article for addresses for each of them.

"eRepublik Brings Back the Forum"

On August 12nd 2013 (Day 2092 of the New World), Plato announced to citizens of the New World the reopening of the forums. Here is the post:

 The ones among us who qualify as “dinosaurs” might remember that eRepublik used to have a forum. Social interaction always played a big part in eRepublik, and the forum was a pretty cool place to talk and debate with other members of the community. With this in mind, we are glad to invite everyone to try out the new eRepublik Forum!


We hope the new forum will be equally useful for the new players who want to ask for help and the old ones who want to have more in-depth conversations about the game. Either way, please read and follow the forum rules – it’s up to everyone to make it a pleasant place to be.

You can find the forum under “Community” in the eRepublik menu or by going to . We hope to see you there!
(Plato on August 12nd, 2013)

Sections of the new forum

eRepublik Forum released in August 12nd, 2013 (Day 2092 of the New World)

The 2013 Forum has four main sections:

  1. New Players: provides a room for citizens presentations and tutorial written in English or other languages;
  2. Rules, Updates and Help: here are gathered Forum rules and Announcement posts about new updates of the game. Moreover, there's a section for requesting help about eRepublik mechanism to other citizens;
  3. The New World: this section is divided into three main subsections:
    1. Military is dedicated to military module (Military Units, Alliances);
    2. Politics is dedicated to politic module (Parties, Elections);
    3. Economy is dedicated to economic module (Marketplace, Monetary Market, Job Market).
  4. Off-topic: this sections hosts all topics that are no way related to the previous sections.
The banner placed in eRepublik main page about the reopening of Forum.

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  1. Here is the link to the post on eRepublik blog about the reopening of forum.