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Advanced buildings page with certain buildings owned by the citizen

Advanced buildings are buildings that can't be built the normal way, but acquired either through buying them in the Shop, through winning them in weekly challenges, Power spins, tournaments or in some other special circumstances.

The following buildings are available all the time, with the exception of temporary energy building which appears on special occasions throughout the year.

Energy Centers

Main article: Energy center

Energy Centers are advanced buildings that increase the size of the energy pool.

Icon Building Type Effect(s) Special note How to get?
Icon - Energy Center 50.png Energy Center 100 Increases the amount of maximum energy recovery.
Can be bought for Icon-gold.gif 99 GOLD from the shop
Icon - Energy Center 100.png Energy Center 200
Can be bought for Icon-gold.gif 199 GOLD from the shop
Icon - Central Park.png Central Park
Can be gained when citizen settles his residence.
Icon - Temporary Energy Building.png Temporary Energy Building
Can be gained through the Power Spin or other tournaments.

Special notes:

A - It is possible only to buy one Energy Center 100 and one Energy Center 200.
B - The citizen needs to be located in the region of residency for central park to be active.
C - You can only have one Temporary Energy Building of each type. If you already have a Temporary Energy Building active, the expiry time will get extended. For example, you cannot have 2 of the +100 Energy Buildings.

Special storages

Main article: Storage

Storage is a unique building you can use to store products, raw materials, overtime points, boosters, collectables, and rockets.

Icon Building Type Effect(s) How to get?
Icon - Special Storage with base.png Special storage Storage capacity: +20,000 Can be bought in two ways:

for Icon-gold.gif 100 GOLD from the shop
for loyalty points (Icon-loyalty program.png 175 LP)

Rocket Factories

Main article: Rocket factory

Rocket Factory is used to produce rockets (and damage booster in some cases) that will give citizen to do more damage in a battle.

Icon Building Quality Rocket Damage Required to build a rocket Creation Cost
Weapons* Currency
Icon - Rocket Factory Q1.png Building stars - Q1.png 50,000 Icon Damage.png 10 Money.png 100 CC Icon-gold.gif 10 GOLD
Icon - Rocket Factory Q2.png Building stars - Q2.png 250,000 Icon Damage.png 20 Money.png 250 CC Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD
Icon - Rocket Factory Q3.png Building stars - Q3.png 500,000 Icon Damage.png 60 Money.png 500 CC Icon-gold.gif 100 GOLD
Icon - Rocket Factory Q4.png Building stars - Q4.png 1,750,000 Icon Damage.png 120** Money.png 1000 CC Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD
Icon - Rocket Factory Q5.png Building stars - Q5.png 2,500,000 Icon Damage.png 90** Money.png 1500 CC Icon-gold.gif 300 GOLD

* All qualities of weapons from Q1 to Q6 are required to build 1 rocket.
** Once a day all qualities of weapons from Q1 to Q6 can be used to build 1 damage booster a day.

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