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Holding companies were introduced on 25 June 2016 and officially added to the game five days later, on 30 June 2016.

A citizen can set up one or more holding companies in different regions, according to their needs in terms of productivity bonuses. A holding company can own any number of finished goods and raw production facilities and those will benefit from the productivity bonus of the holding company.

Keep in mind that in order to create a holding in a region of your choice, you must travel there first.

How much does it cost to create a holding company?

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While the first holding company can be created for free, you should know that additional ones will have a specific cost in currency, as follows:

holding company cost = number of holding companies owned * Icon - Gold.gif 25 GOLD

As per the above formula, the first holding company created is free.

How much can be assigned to a holding company?

Holding companies can hold an unlimited number of factories. Please note that when you create a new factory, it will not be assigned to any holding company, therefore it will not function. However, you can assign it afterwards for free.

Can I re-assign (move) a factory to another holding?

Relocate production facility.png

The first time you assign your factory to a holding company, you will be able to do so for free. You can later relocate your factories if you want to, but relocating them will have a certain cost depending on their type.

The cost of relocating a production facility is based on the value of the company and the distance between the two holding companies. The relocation fee is paid in currency and varies between 5% to 20% of the factory face value (discounts do not apply). The formula for relocation is 4% company value + 1% of value for each 1,000 km travelled, capped at 20% value. Please note that you cannot re-assign a company to the same holding and the assign costs only apply from the 2nd move onward. Also, note that the distance value is rounded up to the next 1000s (Example: 11,011 km will be rounded up to 12,000 km).

Let’s take for example a Q7 weapons factory, its face value is Icon - Gold.gif 1,230 GOLD (Icon - Gold.gif 10 GOLD creation + Icon - Gold.gif 1,220 GOLD cost of upgrades). Using the monetary market exchange rate, that value will be converted to currency (assuming an exchange rate of Icon - Money.png 400 CC / Icon - Gold.gif 1 GOLD). Icon - Gold.gif 1,230 GOLD would translate into Icon - Money.png 492,000 CC, which would bring the assign costs between Icon - Money.png 24,600 CC and Icon - Money.png 98,400 CC depending on distance.

Note: There are Factory reset tokens that could be used to move factories for free

Deleting a holding company

You must either dissolve or move all of your factories before deleting a holding company.

When creating a new holding company after you have deleted one, the cost will be reduced to the same as when you had originally created it.
(Example: If you have 3 holding companies and you deleted one of them, the price for creating it again will be Icon - Gold.gif 50 GOLD, not Icon - Gold.gif 75 GOLD.)

Hiring employees

A holding company is required in order to post job offers. Once posted, an offer will be available on all the markets (countries) where the citizen has holdings. Current job market offers will remain, but will not be visible until the owner has holdings, at which point, they will become visible in the country that currently owns the holding’s region.

Existing factories

All existing factories will initially be unassigned. An unassigned factory cannot produce goods, they need to be assigned to a holding first.

Creating new factories

Holding company.png

After the creation of a factory, it will show as unassigned and, in order to start producing in it, it needs to be assigned to an existing holding.

If the country where the holding is located has a trading embargo against the country of citizenship of the owner of the holding, the owner cannot work as a manager.

Selling/buying factories on the market

A factory that is assigned to a holding company can only be bought via another holding company in the same region.

A factory that was not assigned to a holding can be bought as such by any citizen, no matter where his holding companies are.

Working as manager

In order to be able to work as a manager, you will need to be located in the region where the factories are located.

Impact of wars and trading embargoes

When the country of citizenship of the manager is in direct war with the country where the holding is located, the manager cannot work in the factories of that holding.


Q: Is there a time limit for when we can create the free holding?
A: No, the first holding is free for everyone.

Q: Can I still work as a manager if I don't create my first holding?
A: No, in order for companies to produce any goods, they must be allocated to a holding.

Q: Does the worker need to have a citizenship of the country where the holding is?
A: No, there are no citizenship restrictions.

Q: Are holdings located in a region visible to anyone?
A: At the moment, the holdings are NOT visible.

Q: Can I use my raw materials produced in another holding?
A: Yes, the storage principle has not changed. All produced goods will be stored in your storage as it is now.

Q: Do I still need a licence in order to sell in the country I have my holding in?
A: Yes, the holding does not give you the privilege to sell in the country where it is located so a licence is still required.

Q: Are there any restrictions as per where I can place my holdings?
A: No, countries cannot forbid citizens from placing a holding in their country.

Q: Are the works by my employees stacked globally?
A: Yes, any works can be used in any holding.

Q: Can I change the location of my holding?
A: No.

Q: Can I rename my holding?
A: Yes, you can rename your holding free of charge.