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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
National rank 107
Date of birth Feb 14, 2010
Day 817
Residence Leeds, London, UK
Sex male
Political party [[]]
Newspaper The British Observer
President of Austria
August 6th, 2010 – September 5th, 2010
Preceded by Penegrin
Succeeded by Kikericsy
Congress member of Sweden
2010 – 2010
Minister of Interior of Austria
June 6th, 2010 – August 5th 2010
Congress member of Austria
March 26, 2010 – April 25 2010
Party president of Osterreich Independence Party
June 16th 2010 – August 16th 2010
Congress member of New Zealand
November 26th, 2010 – December 2010
Congress member of United Kingdom
February 26th, 2011 – ?
37th President of United Kingdom
6th December 2011 – 6th January 2012
Preceded by temujin94
Succeeded by Kravenn
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Flight lieutenant 1.png Flight Lieutenant*

Thomas765 is a citizen of the Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom.

Past Experience in a nutshell

Position Amount of terms Organization or country
Deputy Secretary General 1 Flag-Order of New EWorld.jpg ONE
Military Commander 1 Flag-Order of New EWorld.jpg ONE
Deputy Military Commander 3 Flag-Order of New EWorld.jpg ONE
Country President 1 Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom
Minister of Foreign Affairs 4 Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom
Minister of Home Affairs 1 Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom
Speaker of Congress 1 Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom
Congressman 10 Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom
Party President 5 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UK Reform Party
Country President 1 Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Minister of Domestic Affairs 2 Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs 1 Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Congressman 3 Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Party President 2 Party-Osterreich Independence Party.jpg OIP
Minister of the Wiki 2 Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Congressman 1 Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Deputy Minister of Defence 1 Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Congressman 1 Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden



Early Days

Thomas765 was born on day 817 in South East of England when it belonged to the United States of America but he became an American citizen. After realising that it would be unsafe to remain in Great Britain, he moved to Florida where he remained until the congress elections.

Move to Austria

In February 2010, not that long after he joined eRepublik, Thomas765 moved to Austria. He met with Penegrin who gave him Citizenship and set him up in Austria. Before the March presidential elections, Thomas765 conducted interviews with two of the three presidential candidates, Kaiser Alex and Hedera. Hedera liked the newspaper article with his interview and he liked his activity so he placed him in his cabinet as Spokesperson.

Entry into Politics and Shadow Government of Austria

Hedera won the elections in March so Thomas765 became the official government spokesperson and appointed Penegrin as deputy spokesperson. However, on March 13th Thomas765 resigned as Hedera announced he was a PTO, destroyed Austria's only hospital at the time and let Icon-Poland.png Poland through to gain access to Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia. Oraizan then asked Thomas765 to be in the Shadow Government of Austria until Hedera was impeached and had the position of Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Austrian Politics

Thomas765's avatar as a member of the Austrian army

Thomas765 held the position of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs when bobbySAURON became president of Austria through Hedera's impeachment. This continued on when stoneman won the April presidential elections but could not do the job properly as he temporarily went on a hiatus (involving the volcanic ash cloud in real life). He returned just in time for the May presidential elections where Rangeley became president of Austria and Thomas765 became the spokesperson for Austria once again for a second time.

A month later in the June presidential elections he supported Kaiser Alex who was against Fragreg. Fragreg, a Hungarian, won the elections and Thomas765 became Minister of Domestic Affairs for the first time. Had Kaiser Alex won, Thomas765 would have became the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The month as Minister of Domestic Affairs saw Thomas765 become a Party president for the first time and become a congress member for a second. He was tasked, along with his team of Rangeley and Oraizan as his secretaries, to continue to add things to the Austrian pages on the eRepublik wiki, to control the Department for Linguistics (previously known as Ministry of Translation which was merged with the Ministry of Domestic Affairs) and to redraft the dated Constitution of Austria.

eRepublic Rising and July 2010

On the 6th of July, Penegrin officially became president of Austria and so Thomas765 remained as Minister of Domestic Affairs for July. When migrating his skills over to do well in eRepublik Rising, Thomas765 chose to be a Technician in the economic module and to be skilled at Rifle in the military module.

Midway through July, Thomas765 won a second term as party president for the Osterreich Independence Party

Presidential Candidature - August 2010

In July 2010, Thomas765 placed his candidature for president of Austria for the Osterreich Independence Party as he was once again elected as party president for that party in July. Challenge later arrived for Thomas765 when michiluki, a new member of eRepublik took over the Democratic Party of Austria and named it Die Recht Flanke. Michiluki then placed his presidential candidature against Thomas765. He was Thomas765's only opposition during the presidential election. Michiluki dropped his candidature on the day that Thomas765 got 120 votes for his candidature article and he has not been seen since.

Thomas765 was the sole candidate for presidency so received all votes made, he received a total of 95 votes.

President of Austria

On the 6th of August, Thomas765 was inaugurated as the 28th President of Austria, succeeding his former friend Penegrin.

He was elected as a result of being a sole candidate in the election. Only a mere few days later, presidents of eRepublik countries were being hacked. On one evening during the very start of August, 300 gold from Austria was lost due to someone posing as the Hungarian president on IRC.

A few days before the August 2010 congress elections, Poland attacked the Czech Republic with intentions of wiping them off the map just before the election. This would leave the Czech Republic open for citizenship and therefore, open for PTO. Moments before Poland won Moravia, an original region of the Czech Republic, the Austrian President, Thomas765 commenced a landswap with Hungary to initiate a blocking phase which would allow the Czech Republic to elect a congress. This was a success with Germany winning Northern Bohemia and Hungary winning Moravia.

Only several hours after the landswap did problems begin to occur for Austria. Austria's former ally, Italy attacked Salzburg, an original region of Austria. The battle was not going Austria's way until the final two hours the following day. The battle ended as a victory for Austria and a defeat for Italy. But this would not be the final time that Italy decided to attack Austria, several days before the September Presidential Election, Italy initiated an invasion into Tyrol. Again, the battle did not appear to be going Austria's way with the Italians taking over the whole map but again Austria was able to come out with a victory.

Post-Austrian Presidency

Thomas765's post presidential avatar

On September 6th, Thomas765 left Austria and moved to Icon-Singapore.png Singapore. He was opposed to the new government of Austria but this was not the reason why he left. Several days later, Thomas765 was offered Secretary of Defence in Austria but refused.

On Saturday, 18th September 2010, Thomas765 became a Singapore citizen. On the 20th of September, Thomas765 was asked to return to Austria to help with the congress elections and Anti-TO Congress in Austria. However, it failed and Thomas765 once again moved away from Austria, this time to travel. On the 28th of September, Thomas765 moved to Western Australia which was then part of Indonesia but this move was not permanent. On the 7th of October, Thomas765 left for New Zealand which he believed would be a permanent move. Thomas765 would find himself in the Austrian government again in November as an advisor under N I K A N and Travis James.

Life in New Zealand

Thomas765's avatar as a member of the NZDF

Thomas765 became one of the first citizens of the newly colonised islands of New Zealand on the day of its foundation as an independent country. He became politically active in New Zealand early on and eventually replaced Mikhail Alexander as the Provisional Government's Minister of the Wiki. He took part in New Zealand's first primary election on the New Zealand Forums and became one of the official candidates in Wellington. However, he lost out in the official election as many Eastern European citizens of New Zealand had voted in masses of their own into congress with only 19 of the primary winners making it through.

Thomas765 resumed his position of Minister of the Wiki when Calbe assumed power and was working alongside Michal Lodziana 1.

Life in Britain

On the 11th of December 2010, Thomas765 decided to move to abroad away from New Zealand for a variety of reasons. He chose to move to the United Kingdom where he had been before but never held citizenship.

On the 3rd of January 2011, Thomas765 received two awards for his article by the National Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom[1]. He won the Newspaper Silver Medal and the NNA Silver Standard Article, both of December 2010.

In January 2011, he was promoted to Group Leader or Colonel of 1 Squadron of the eUK's Royal Air Force (RAF), replacing Octavian Ratstrangler, who replaced tlawson2310. Thomas765 was Flight Lieutenant but Lord Matthew Russell took over as Thomas was promoted. However, in early March, Thomas765 resigned as Group Captain and Lord Matthew Russell took over from him. He later applied to join the Ultramarines.


Before Version 2, Thomas765 very rarely got to fight and even into Version 2, it took him two months to properly get into battles regularly by moving from Austria. Although, while he was living in Austria, he experienced four wars, two of which were against Italian invasion and both concluded as a success for Austria at the time when he was president. He, alongside Rangeley and foreign military groups commanded the battle from IRC. The extensive planning came eventually to two defensive wins for Austria which had not been seen at all in Version 1.

In September 2010, Thomas765 decided that Austria does not get enough wars and wanted the full eRepublik experience. He ultimately moved to the United Kingdom initially to partake in wars against EDEN. He later moved to Singapore to gain citizenship but continued to move to fight having obtained the citizenship.

Thomas765 became a Icon Colonel.jpg V1 Colonel during the invasion of New York by the United Kingdom on the 8th of September 2010.
Thomas765 became a Icon General.jpg V1 General in the USA's invasion of India on the 14th of October 2010.

New Zealand

Thomas765 joined the New Zealand army in October 2010, and became the platoon leader for SAS 302. However, in mid November, the platoon system was changed to a regiment system and Thomas765 was promoted to Branch Officer of the New Zealand Special Forces, which meant he was second in command of the SF. On the 25th of November 2010, Thomas765 was awarded the Queen's Service Medal whilst serving in the New Zealand army and became the first person to hold the medal.

 Thomas765 works especially hard within the NZDF, sending numerous PM's when needed, and just generally going beyond what is required of a Branch Officer. 

United Kingdom

Thomas765 decided to join the UK Army in January 2011. He was promoted to a Group Captain in the Royal Air Force in February, however, he quit in order to join the Ultramarines in March 2011.


In March 2011, Thomas765 joined the United States militia, the Ultramarines.


This soldier has been awarded the Queen's Service Medal by the New Zealand Defence Forces
Thomas765 has produced the most damage fighting for the United Kingdom with a total of 1724.14 damage done. He has fought for the United Kingdom four times, which is the most alongside Austria.
Thomas765 has fought for Austria the most alongside the United Kingdom with a total of 1028.34 damage done
Thomas765 has produced the most damage fighting against Poland with a total of 891.89 damage done
#* Fought For Fought Against Region Damage Kills Deaths Date Ended
1 Flag-Austria.jpg Flag-Hungary.jpg Southern Great Plain 552.46 12 4 30/07/2010
2 Flag-Austria.jpg Flag-Hungary.jpg Northern Great Plain 126.36 2 4 02/08/2010
3 Flag-Austria.jpg Flag-Italy.jpg Salzburg 196.83 2 3 25/08/2010
4 Flag-Austria.jpg Flag-Italy.jpg Tyrol 152.69 2 1 03/09/2010
5 Flag-Serbia.jpg Flag-India.jpg Sindh 642.29 9 5 06/09/2010
6 Flag-United Kingdom.jpg Flag-Poland.jpg New York 717.05 9 4 08/09/2010
7 Flag-United Kingdom.jpg Flag-USA.png New York 490.33 6 4 09/09/2010
8 Flag-France.png Flag-United Kingdom.jpg Loire Valley 54.64 0 1 10/09/2010
9 Flag-United Kingdom.jpg Flag-Canada.jpg Wales 26.06 0 1 12/09/2010
10 Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Flag-Poland.jpg Moravia 174.84 2 2 12/09/2010
11 Flag-Australia.jpg Flag-Indonesia.jpg Western Australia 139.32 0 2 13/09/2010
12 Flag-Thailand.jpg Flag-Indonesia.jpg Southern Thailand 60.89 1 0 13/09/2010
13 Flag-Lithuania.jpg Flag-Latvia.jpg Samogitia 61.67 1 1 13/09/2010
14 Flag-United Kingdom.jpg Flag-Spain.jpg Midi-Pyrenees 490.70 6 5 13/09/2010
15 Flag-Malaysia.jpg Flag-Serbia.jpg Peninsular Malaysia 96.15 1 1 15/09/2010
16 Flag-Malaysia.jpg Flag-Serbia.jpg Sarawak 484.14 6 3 15/09/2010
  • Italics indicate that the battle was a Resistance war.
  • * In chronological order (from the oldest battle to the most recent battle)
Battles Fights Damage Kills Deaths
Totals 16 100 4,466.42 59 41

All stats are for the V2 Battlefield War Module which currently no longer exists on eRepublik


Flag-Austria.jpg Austria

Austrian Politics (February to September)

Austrian Politics (November 2010 to present)

Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand

Political Positions held

  • Media Manager for the Kiwi Social Democrats in October 2010
  • Wiki Editor for the Provisional Government of New Zealand in October 2010; he replaced Mikhail Alexander.
  • Minister of the Wiki: under Calbe, the first Prime Minister of New Zealand, in November 2010.
  • Minister of the Wiki: under Don KronoX, the second Prime Minister of New Zealand in December 2010.

Military Positions held

  • Member of the 210 Platoon (Deathwatch Guards) with Necros Xiaoban as the leader.
  • Promoted to Lieutenant and became commander of New Zealand Platoon 303 in November 2010
  • The New Zealand Army was changed and he was promoted to Branch Officer of the Special Forces by Darkmantle. Darkmantle himself was promoted to leader of the NZDF and Thomas765 became the Branch Commander of the Special Forces.

Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom

Political Positions held

  • Assistant Wiki Editor in the Ministry of Home Affairs in January 2011
  • Member of Parliament in February 2011 for London

Military Positions held

  • Flight Lieutenant of the RAF in January 2011 to February 2011
  • Group Captain of 1 Squadron in the Army's Royal Air Force from February to March 2011

Flag-Austria.jpg Flag-Singapore.jpg Flag-New Zealand.jpg Diplomatic Positions Held

Party Politics

Flag-Austria.jpg Austria

Logo of the OIP
  • Party-Osterreich Independence Party.jpg Osterreich Independence Party (also Austrian Independence Party pre-March 2010 and Liberal Party Osterreich pre-June 2010) * The Osterreich Independence Party (OIP) was undoubtedly Thomas765's biggest success. He became a congressman and the president of Austria through the party and also became Party President for two consecutive months. He participated in the Party Presidential elections in June 2010 against someone who appeared to be wanting to takeover the party and he won having received a total of 14 votes, against his opponent's 2 votes. The next month there was no candidate to go against him and so won another month as the party president and successfully led the Osterreich Independence Party in both months to gaining more than a quarter of all congress seats in Austria.
  • Party-Kronloyale Union.jpg Kronloyale Union - Thomas765 briefly became a member of the Kronloyale Union (KU) in April and May 2010 after Austria was wiped off the map by Croatia during bobbySAURON's presidency but never had any success.

Flag-Singapore.jpg Singapore

  • Party-Singapore Republican Party.jpg Singapore Republican Party - When Thomas765 briefly lived in Singapore, he found residence in Thedark ace's Singapore Republican Party where he was accepted to be a congressional candidate for the party for September 2010. However, he was asked to move back to Austria to participate in Anti-Takeover against Hungarians.

Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand

  • NZSU.jpg New Zealand Union Party - Thomas765 was one of the 40 winners of the first New Zealand primary with 26 votes, he was asked to move to Wellington and move to the New Zealand Union Party. In the primaries, he came 7th in Region 4 (Wellington) but came 31st overall.
  • Peace 'n' Prosperity Party Peace 'n' Prosperity Party - Thomas765 moved to the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party in November 2010, volunteering to help Albert Neurath get another vote in the Party Presidential elections. He remained there for the congress elections and became a member of congress, representing the party on the 26th of November 2010.

Flag-Poland.jpg Poland

  • Party-Narodowa Demokracja.png Narodowa Demokracja - Thomas joined this party after trying out other parties in the Polish top 5 but he also saw that his friend, magic hereos was once a member of ND, so he joined. He first got involved in the party in the January congress elections, mobile voting for them.

Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden

  • Party-Nationalgardet.jpg Nationalgardet - During the month of February, Thomas was asked to come to Austria in order to ATO but as soon as his job was fulfilled by the 21st of the month, he moved to Sweden and was given citizenship. Due to his connections in Sweden, Kain Propan and Valnad, being part of the party and as he admired Scandinavia wholly, he joined Nationalgardet where he was permitted to run for congress in Gotaland.

Congressional seats

Country Election Type Month Region Votes Rank Party Elected
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria Congress March 2010 Carinthia 7 8 Party-Kronloyale Union.jpg KU Yes
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria Congress May 2010 Vorarlberg 1 29 Party-Kronloyale Union.jpg KU No
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria Congress June 2010 Vorarlberg 4 37 Party-Osterreich Independence Party.jpg OIP Yes
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria Congress July 2010 Tyrol 0 32 Party-Osterreich Independence Party.jpg OIP Yes
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria President August 2010 Austria 95 1 Party-Osterreich Independence Party.jpg OIP Yes
Flag-Austria.jpg Austria Congress September 2010 Lower Austria 1 44 Party-Osterreich Independence Party.jpg OIP No
Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand Congress October 2010 Wellington 1 88 Party-Kiwi Social Democrats.png KSD No
Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand Congress November 2010 Otago 9 28 Party-Peace 'n' Prosperity Party v3.jpg PnPP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress December 2010 North East of England 2 52 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP No
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress January 2011 East of England 1 58 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP No
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress February 2011 London 34 2 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress March 2011 London 16 36 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress April 2011 Yorkshire & Humberside 5 30 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress May 2011 Yorkshire & Humberside 13 7 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress June 2011 London 21 31 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress July 2011 West Midlands 10 10 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress August 2011 West Midlands - - Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Region Lost
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress September 2011 North West of England 12 8/9 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress October 2011 West Midlands 4 25 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress November 2011 London 52 1 Party-The Unity Party.png TUP Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom President December 2011 United Kingdom 232 1 Party-The Unity Party.png TUP Yes
Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden Congress February 2012 Gotaland 10 13 Party-Nationalgardet.jpg NG Yes
Flag-UK.jpg United Kingdom Congress June 2012 East Midlands 9 25 Party-The Unity Party.png TUP Yes
Flag-USA.png USA Congress August 2012 Nevada 5 - Party-United States Workers Party.jpg USWP No


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x5)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x61)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x27)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x2)
Served: August 2010 and December 2011
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x4)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x132)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x3)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x28)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x5)
Icon achievement Phoenix on.gif
Phoenix soldier* (x1)
United Kingdom
Icon achievement Order of New EWorld on.gif
ONE soldier* (x1)
United Kingdom


"We have a history, a history that we should be proud of despite several low points, a history in which we have been very successful, a history in which we have cemented our policies and succeeded in our goals. We have an Austrian history which should never be forgotten. We will always be here in some form, working for the betterment of Austria."
June 2010, on the Osterreich Independence Party as party president.

"Hello Citizens of Austria!
Today is my first day of the month in which I serve as your president. I have served under the previous 5 presidents of Austria and it is finally my turn to serve the country. Unfortunately, I came to office with ease unlike my predecessors, I had no competition, nobody who wanted to run against me but that is history now. I have made my journey into the Hofburg and I will remain there for another 30 days - on the proviso that I'm not impeached. I willingly take over from my predecessor, Penegrin who was the 27th President of Austria and I will continue what he's done over the course of the month. Hopefully we can have a calm month like we had in July, a month where one of our original regions were not attacked once, a month where peace was made between us and Phoenix countries and a month where we got adjusted to the new eRepublik Rising."
August 2010, on his first speech as president of Austria.

G'day citizens of New Zealand and others, I would like to take a moment to congratulate Don KronoX on his election victory yesterday. I would also like to thank Fionia for her service to New Zealand, she departed from New Zealand yesterday as a result of the Presidential election of which more can be read below.
December 2010, on Don KronoX's victory in the New Zealand election


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