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Every citizen, when registers to the game, belongs to a Division in which together with other citizens can fight in Division battles.

This feature started on Day 1,665 (Jun 11, 2012) following updates in the Military Module.


Main article: Division

There are 5 divisions:

Division Type Experience Levels
Icon division 1 blue.png National Guard 1 - 34
Icon division 2 blue.png Soldiers 35 - 49
Icon division 3 blue.png Special Forces 50 - 69
Icon division 4 blue.png Tanks 70+
Icon division Airforce blue.png Airforce* 0

* Airforce division is a special division that fights in every fourth battle on the battlefield.

Winning a battle

Message displayed after a division has won a mini-battle

A division battle is won by the first country to reach 1800 domination points in 120 minutes. Each division has to do this for the round to end. In addition, winning a division battle adds points towards winning the campaign:

Division Campaign Points
Icon division 1 blue.png 1
Icon division 2 blue.png 2
Icon division 3 blue.png 3
Icon division 4 blue.png 5
Icon division Airforce blue.png 22

Note: If there is an epic battle, the winner gets double points for each epic division. Airforce division does NOT subject to this rule.

A ground division round ends when all four ground division battles end. If a division battle reaches 1,800 domination points before 90 minutes and other battles are still running, that division stops and a message appears informing of waiting for the other divisions to finish. Once the other division battles finish, an intermission of 5 minutes occurs before the next round starts. Hence all four ground division battles always start at the same time.

Winning a campaign

New look of the campaign details tab

Every division battle won adds points to the total points for the campaign, even if the round isn't completed yet, but the campaign won't finish before the round is completed.

After the 1st battle round, Country A wins divisions Icon division 1 blue.png (1pt) and Icon division 3 blue.png (3pts), Country B wins divisions Icon division 2 blue.png (2pts) and Icon division 4 blue.png (5pts). The Campaign total score is thus: Country A = 4 total points and Country B = 7 total points.
After the 2nd battle round, Country A wins divisions Icon division 3 blue.png (3pts) and Icon division 4 blue.png (5pts), Country B wins division Icon division 1 blue.png (1pt) and Icon division 2 blue.png (2pts). The Campaign total score is thus: Country A = 4 + 8 = 12 total points and Country B = 7 + 3 = 10 total points.

Winning a campaign requires at least 94 total points.


Main articles: Battle hero, Campaign hero, and Sky hero

At the end of every ground battle round, the Battle hero medal is awarded to the citizens that inflicted the highest damage on each side in each of the four ground division battles. They will receive as follows:

Division Gold for Battle Hero medal
Icon division 1 blue.png 2 Icon-gold.gif
Icon division 2 blue.png 3 Icon-gold.gif
Icon division 3 blue.png 4 Icon-gold.gif
Icon division 4 blue.png 5 Icon-gold.gif

Note: If it is an epic battle, Battle hero medal reward is doubled.

At the end of every air battle round, the Sky hero medal is awarded to the citizens that inflicted the highest damage on each side. Each of them will receive Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD.

Note: If it is an epic battle, Sky hero medal reward is NOT doubled.

There is only one Campaign hero for each side in the campaign. It is awarded to the citizen who deals the most damage in the campaign regardless of their division.

Fight to defeat an enemy

Main article: Fight

Clicking the Fight button once, will automatically deal enough hits in order to defeat the opponent. The energy consumed will depend on amount of hits dealt for the kill (1 hit = 10 energy) and if you are equipped with a weapon, its durability will decrease accordingly (1 hit = 1 durability). When the kill is complete you will be given the corresponding rank points and experience points.
In the past one click of the button counted as one hit, so you had to press it several times in order to defeat someone.

You click the fight button to kill an enemy that would previously take you 3 hits to kill. You normally deal 200 damage when you fight with your Q2 machine gun. With one click, you now kill the enemy immediately with 600 damage and using 30 Energy. You also get 3 experience points and 60 rank points.

If you have less energy than is needed to kill an enemy, you will do enough hits to go to 0 energy but not make the kill. Energy will not be automatically renewed, you have to click the button to do so. After you restore your energy, you will have the chance to finish off the same enemy for that missed kill.

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