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Boosters are tools provided to citizens to improve their performances on the battlefield.

There are essentially four types of boosters:

  • bazooka booster;
  • damage booster;
  • prestige points booster
  • battle booster.

Bazooka Booster

Main article: Bazooka
Icon - Bazooka Booster.png

Bazooka booster allows citizens to inflict more damage depending on their ground division.

Division Damage dealt
Icon division 1 blue.png 20000
Icon division 2 blue.png 30000
Icon division 3 blue.png 40000
Icon division 4 blue.png 50000

Note: If a citizen has a bazooka booster in their storage and they get promoted to the next division, the bazooka booster will NOT be upgraded.

Damage Booster

Damage boosters.png

Damage booster provides a 50% or 100% additional damage for a limited time.
It works like bazooka booster except for the fact that it doesn't activate per single hit but for a variable amount of time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours).

Damage boosters can be built in Quality 4 and 5 rocket factories or achieved as a reward through missions, Weekly challenges or Power spins.

Damage boosters built in rocket factories activate at the moment they are built.

ShadowFighterBoosters.png In special occasions the +100% Shadow Fighter Booster can be acquired.

Battle booster

Battle Boosters are meant to add a strategic element to battles.
Citizens can find the Battle Boosters on the right side of the battlefield, right under the Combat Orders.

There are three types of battle boosters:

  • Enrage comrades;
  • Rejuvenate comrades;
  • Disarm enemies.

Enrage comrades

The first Battle Booster is called Enrage Comrades. It gives a damage boost to you and the members of your Military Unit.

  • Quality 1
    • 30% damage bonus for 4 minutes
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 4.99 GOLD
    • Cooldown: 3 minutes
  • Quality 2
    • 40% damage bonus for 6 minutes
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 9.99 GOLD
    • Cooldown: 4 minutes
  • Quality 3
    • 50% damage bonus for 8 minutes
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 19.99 GOLD
    • Cooldown: 5 minutes

Rejuvenate comrades

This Battle Booster allows you and your fellow Military Unit members to consume less Energy when fighting.

  • Quality 1
    • Use only 9 Energy per hit for 3 minutes
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 9.99 GOLD
    • Cooldown: 2 minutes
  • Quality 2
    • Use only 8 Energy per hit for 4 minutes
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 15.99 GOLD
    • Cooldown: 3 minutes
  • Quality 3
    • Use only 7 Energy per hit for 5 minutes
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 24.99 GOLD
    • Cooldown: 4 minutes
A citizen activates the Quality 3 Booster and does a kill that normally requires 30 Energy. With the Booster the citizen only consumes 21 Energy.

Disarm enemies

This Battle Booster allows you to disarm weapons from your enemies. When the Booster is enabled, all enemies fighting on the opposing side in the same division can’t use their standard weapons.

  • Quality 1
    • Disable weapons of all enemies for 1 minute
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 19.99 GOLD
    • Cooldown: 20 minutes
  • Quality 2
    • Disable weapons of all enemies for 2 minutes
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 34.99 GOLD
    • Cooldown: 20 minutes
  • Quality 3
    • Disable weapons of all enemies for 3 minutes
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 44.99 GOLD
    • Cooldown: 20 minutes
  • The opponents are still able to use bazookas, bombs and rockets.
  • The opponents are able to fight without weapons.
  • The opponents are able to fight normally in Guerrilla fights.
  • The cooldown of 20 minutes doesn't apply only to the citizen who activated it; it affects everyone on your side and division.

Ghost Booster

Main article: Ghost booster
Dark ghost booster.png

Ghost booster gives you 30% of the biggest damage/hit of the Citizen who fights in the same Battle, Round, side and Division as you.

a) If in Round 1 of a Battle, 10 Citizens fight and the Citizen with the biggest damage/hit is a Citizen A who makes 1,000 damage/hit, when Ghost Booster is activated, you will make 300 damage/hit + the regular damage/hit you have.

b) Citizen A hits 18,000 damage/hit with Q6 Weapon and 100% damage booster. Citizen B hits 2,000 per hit. Max hit = 9,000 (100% Booster not taken into account). With the Ghost Booster active, Citizen A will hit for 18,000 (regular damage) + 2,700 (booster damage) = 20,700, and Citizen B will hit for 2,000 (regular damage) + 2,700 (booster damage) = 4,700.

Each Ghost Booster lasts for 1 minute. The Ghost Boosters can be stored and they have no expiry date.

Global notes

  • The damage bonus only applies to citizen's military unit in the same battle and the same side it is activated in; however, citizens are provided with the chance to choose in which division to enable the booster in.
  • When activated, a visual effect will be shown around citizen's weapon.
  • After each use, the certain quality of the booster requires a cooldown. During this time the booster of same or lower quality cannot be activated. For example, if a quality 2 booster is in cooldown, a citizen can activate a quality 3 one.
  • Activating a higher quality booster will replace the lower quality one, if one is already activated.
  • Boosters are not personal, so the cooldown and bonuses apply to you and the other members of citizen's military unit who are in the same division.
  • The booster expires at the end of the battle (often referred as a round by the community).
  • If a personal damage booster is used, the damage will sum up.
  • Guerrilla fights, bombs or rockets will not be affected by this booster, but Bazookas will get the damage bonus
  • Rank points are gained according to the damage done, so using the booster will also give citizens more rank points.

Damage Accelerator (DAB)

  • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 1 GOLD
  • Duration: 3 minutes
  • Prestige points are gained accordingly, so double hits also mean double Prestige Points.
  • DABs can be used together with Damage Boosters and Bazookas.
  • DABs don’t affect Bombs, Rockets or Guerrilla fights.
  • DABs don’t have an expiration date and they can be bought for an unlimited time.