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Downgrading is a function which citizens can use to revert the effects of upgrading. Citizen usually downgrade to boost their financial status, as they will be refunded with certain amount of upgrading cost. Different buildings can be downgraded but this article is mainly about downgrading products factories.

How to downgrade company?

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To downgrade a company, you first have to visit my places and decide which company will you downgrade. Next step is to click Icon upgrade.png the up arrow besides the company which you want to downgrade. The final step is to choose which downgrade level you wish and simply press the Downgradeo.png downgrade button.

How big is the refund?

Main article: Customization rates

The amount of refund depends on two things: the difference between current quality and desired quality. The amount of gold refunded is always stated on the "Company upgrade" page.

Note: For prices of completely dissolving companies please refer to dissolve page.

See also

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