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Upgrading is a function used to improve the quality of the building owned by the citizen or to revert the effects of downgrading. Different buildings can be upgraded but this article is mainly about upgrading factories.

How to upgrade a company?

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Upgrading allows citizens to produce better products while working in a company.

To upgrade a company, you first have to visit my places and decide which company you want to upgrade. The next step is to click the up arrow Icon upgrade.png beside the company. The final step is to choose which upgrade you wish and simply press the upgrade button.

Effects of upgrading

Updating the company will allow the creation of better products which can mean a more efficient and profitable business. However, the raw material usage is increased when creating higher quality goods.

Note: General manager can work in all of his companies, regardless of the level of the company. The exceptions are companies that produce Houses and House Raw Materials, as well as those that Aircraft-related. The manager cannot work in them. He will lose 10 energy / company in which he (she) works.

Cost of upgrading from different levels

Main article: Customization rates

Check out the section on which quality company you want to upgrade. The prices are always presented on the upgrade page.

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