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Medal - Member of the British eRepublik Empire.png

I, Artela, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Betafoxtrot, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.
Medal - Distinguished Service Order.png I, Field Marshal Artela, Chief of Defence Staff, hereby award Betafoxtrot membership to the Distinguished Service Order as conferred by the United Kingdom Military Honours Committee.

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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 20th September 2009 (1st time)
2014/2015 (2nd time)
Date of death 2011 (1st time)
2014/2015 (2nd time)
Residence London
Sex Male
Congress member of UK
Minister of Home Affairs of United Kingdom
25 June 2010 – 5 August 2010
Preceded by Karacticus
Succeeded by Lionbeard
6 March 2011 – 5 May 2011
Preceded by McAfee01
13 June 2011 – 5 July 2011
Preceded by Adizzle & Thomas765
Succeeded by Kevy Shabado
6 August 2011 – 5 September 2011
Preceded by Kevy Shabado
Succeeded by Lionbeard
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Betafoxtrot was a citizen of United Kingdom, born on 20.09.2009 - Day 670, where he spent the first week 2 clicking while searching for things to do.


After finding the UK forums he signed himself up to the Royal Navy, and was posted to the HMS Katana. He made a few close friends in the navy, Dodgy Dude, Huate Allapies, Lando Kahn, FightTillDeath and Wolfhorde. At that time, he has been in every branch of the military since the Royal Air Force was disbanded in October 2009.


Betafoxtrot created a newspaper, Fetaboxtrot times, after his job in MoHA became unclear. His first article A Q and A with bonus Mr Woldy managed 80 votes in two days.

Ministry of Home Affairs

Betafoxtrot was recruited by Dodgy Dude as a junior minister to command a small team to write articles advertising government papers and recruiting for the Royal Navy in January 2010. He created the MoHA advertising dept. org and created The Trader Newspaper.

At the back end of Mr Woldy's CP term, he replaced Karacticus with Betafoxtrot as Minister of Home Affairs. The next CP, Iain Keers selected Betafoxtrot for Minister of Home Affairs the following month and has since been Minister of Home Affairs on 6 separate occasions.

Mr Woldy again would be the man to give Betafoxtrot a new chance, and Betafoxtrot has become the longest serving Minister of Home Affairs in the history of the United Kingdom.

Since then he has kept very active in the MoHA, being made Under Minister of Entertainment and of Mentoring twice many times, while also advising the resultingMinister of Home Affairs.


This soldier has been awarded the King's Commendation for Valuable Service by the eUK Military.
This soldier has been Mentioned in Despatches by the UK Military.

The Navy

Betafoxtrot was a serving member of the Royal Navy, previously serving on the HMS Katana, part of the Caribbean Fleet where he was promoted to Lieutenant, but was promoted to Captain of the HMS Enterprise (Pacific Fleet) on the 10th of November. He was again promoted months later on the 21st of February to Commodore of the Atlantic Fleet by kdoggroundtwo of Warfare.

Navy Milestones

He was posted to the HMS Katana on November 3, 2009.
He was promoted to lieutenant on HMS Katana on Nove 3, 2009 which he obtained until November 10. He was succeded by fherman.
He was promoted to captain on HMS Enterprise on Nov 10, 2009 succeeding Totenkopf.
Reached 4 months as the captain of the HMS Enterprise Feb 10, 2010.
He was promoted to Commodore on Feb 21, 2010, succeeding Pensive.

The Army

After the Navy was changed to the Army, he was assigned as General Staff Officer of the Royal Artillery branch, under fezoj. fezoj eventually stepped down while Betafoxtrot was Minister of Home Affairs, so had to run the RA while a replacement was found. He was eventually relieved of duty by jamesw who was Chief of Defence Staff at the time, to concentrate on his ministerial duties.

After a brief period of inactivity, he came back and was quickly placed in the ATC division. He very quickly moved up the ranks, and it wasn't long before he became General of the ATC after Petros13 was removed for theft. He was then moved to take over The Reserves from EmeraldEye by Artela, CGS at the time. He has since commanded the ATC again, which was renamed to Adjutant General's Corps, where he platformed Sandhurst.

Other Branches

Betafoxtrot has been a regular face in the Special Forces, being a member of the Royal Marines, the SAS, the Special Forces Support Group and the UKSF.


When he was reborn in 2014/2015, he joined 7th Cavalry.

Military Decorations

Distinguished Service OrderTextured ribbon - Order of the British eRepublik Empire - Military.png
Oak leaves Textured ribbon - British Army Service Medal.png
Oak leaf Textured ribbon - Royal Navy Service Medal.png
Oak leaf Textured ribbon - Royal Marines Service Medal.png
Special Forces Support Group Service MedalSpecial Air Service Service MedalNorth Alantic Campaign MedalNordic Campaign MedalSecond Central European Campaign MedalSecond Asian Campaign MedalNew England Campaign MedalSecond Eastern European Campaign MedalWestern European Campaign MedalGreat British Campaign MedalUlster Campaign MedalAmazon Campaign MedalValhalla Campaign MedalIreland-Canada Campaign MedalEast Asian Campaign Medal
Gold award star Textured ribbon - Second Great British Campaign.png
Terra-UK Campaign MedalSecond UK-Ireland Campaign MedalColonial Expansion Campaign Medal


Betafoxtrot was a proud follower of unofficial religion called Bobloism.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x35)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x11)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x11)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x143)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x17)


Peerage of the United Kingdom
New title
Appointed to the Royal Court by HRH Mr Woldy
Lord Beta of Foxtrot Incumbent
Government offices
Preceded by
Minister of Home Affairs of the United Kingdom
25th June 2010 - 6th August 2010 (1st, 2nd Terms)
Succeeded by
Government offices
Preceded by
Minister of Home Affairs of the United Kingdom
6th March 2011 - 5th May 2011 (3rd, 4th Terms)
Succeeded by
Military offices
Preceded by
Captain Totenkopf
Commanding Officer, HMS Enterprise Succeeded by
Preceded by
Commanding Officer, Pacific Fleet - Royal Navy Succeeded by
New office General Staff Officer, Royal Artillery Succeeded by
Major General Tlawson2310
Preceded by
Lieutenant Colonel Courtney McGallosh
Commanding Officer, ABC 1 Platoon Army Training Corps Disbanded
Preceded by
Lieutenant Colonel Sir Mic
Commanding Officer, 29th Commando Regiment Succeeded by
Preceded by
General Petros13
General Officer Commanding, Army Training Corps Disbanded
New office Commanding Officer, Adjutant General's Corps Succeeded by