Confederation of Arab States

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Arab Confederation
Flag of Arab Confederation
Map of Arab Confederation
Formation 15th June 2011
Dissolution 2012
Type Social, Economic, Military Alliance
Headquarters Cairo, Egypt
Members 2

The Arab Confederation's Official Name is the Confederation of Arab States, usually Abbreviated to "CAS". It is the official name of the merger between the Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia and Icon-Egypt.png Egypt. The Confederation was announced on the 15th of June 2011. Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates has officially called to join the Confederation, but was Left with several steps to reach more integration with the other Arab states.


regions of the Arab Confederation, and location of Cairo, the Capital
Total number of original Regions: 19
Capital: Cairo (Lower Egypt)

There are Three Main Important Strategic Regions that form a Barrier for the Confederation's Inner Regions, and these Regions are the Eastern Province in the Arabian Peninsula, Lower Egypt and Sinai, which form a gate between Asia to Europe, and Vice Versa.


Arabic and English are the two Official languages to be spoken in the countries, and on the IRC.

Several non-Arab Minorities are located in the Confederation, most notably, Greek, Croatian, Armenian, Macedonian and English Speaking Communities, thus all can feel free posting with their own Language in their Media.

Formation of the Confederation

The Confederation is a step towards the ultimate Union between All Arab states, its mission is to help merge and integrate the States, politically, socially, economically, and culturally. Each country will remain to control its affairs, with an independent Flag, and President, and Congress.

 Egypt has announced joining the Arab Confederation to ensure improved work and trade with Saudi Arabia as well as possible other members in the future. 
(Egypt's Official statement by Varlosh)
 In continuing our rapprochement and integration with the Arab countries, and building on the close and inseparable ties to our brothers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia is joining the Arab confederacy! We are not losing any of our sovereignty, but we are integrating more on baby boom issues, arabization, and translation issues 
(Saudi Arabia's Official Statement by Voice)



Month Year President Picture Citizenship Notes
June 2011 Arab League Citizen1392939 v2.jpg Icon-Egypt.png Egypt 2 Votes
July 2011 ReconWarHawk Unknown Person.jpg Icon-Egypt.png Egypt Appointed as VP by previous President
August 2011 Akhraziel Citizen4610288.jpg Icon-Egypt.png Egypt 2 Votes
September 2011 Arab League Citizen1392939 v2.jpg Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia 3 Votes (opposition Egyptian government)
Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the only two members in the confederation

The Arab Confederation has a very simple Hierarchy.

  • 1- Supreme Arab President, every 2 Months, a Candidate is elected by the winning Presidents from Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
  • 2- Country Presidents, representing each country in the Confederation, currently, Saudi Arabia and Egypt
  • 3- Foreign Ministers from Each state, who respond to the Supreme President, as well as their own Country Presidents
  • 4- Congress of Each State, should meet and decide on important crucial matters, concerning Integration laws between the member states


The members had to be members in the Real Arab League, and must have a population of Arabs, as well as Arabs represented in Congress, and the Cabinet.

United Arab Emirates

There are 3 Arabs states in eRepublik, yet due to lack of integration plans done by UAE, and its history of PTOers, the country was not accepted in the Confederation, although there were plans to push for more Emirati integration in the Confederation.


Some Israeli Citizens have announced that they wished to see the Confederation evolve to include them, as part of it, but with a different less ethnic-based term. The Middle East Alliance has been proposed.


On the day of establishment, several Australians have asked for the possibility of joining the Arab Confederation, but were turned down, due to the insignificant Arab population in Australia, as well as it not being a member in the Real Arab League organization.


Starting from 9/12/2011, the Arab Confederation has started to organize and push for more integration of Military Units between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

MU Name Seal CAS. Insignia Egypt Division Insignia Saudi Division Insignia
Arab Training Unit Arab training unit emblem.png Arab Training Unit.png Arab Training Unit (eg).png Arab Training Unit (sa).png
Arab Armed Forces Arab armed Forces emblem.png Arab Armed Forces.png Arab Armed Forces (eg).png Arab Armed Forces (sa).png
Arab Naval Forces Arab Navy Forces emblem.png Arab Navy Forces.png Arab Navy Forces (eg).png Arab Navy Forces (sa).png
Arab Air Forces Arab air Forces emblem.png Arab air Forces.png Arab air Forces (eg).png Arab air Forces (sa).png
Arab National Guards Arab National Guards emblem.png Arab National Guards.png Arab National Guards (eg).png Arab National Guards (sa).png