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A Dictator is a military unit Commander who overthrows the Country President, government and Congress.

How to become a dictator?

To become a Dictator, a military unit Commander must start a military coup and win it. Before the military coup, Commander finds allies in other military unit Commanders in the country and ultimately fights everyone who support the official government and the national military units who didn't support his cause.

The military coup is conducted as a one-time off battle between them, and to become the dictator, the unit Commander's side has to win it.

Dictator powers

Country administration page as Dictator sees it

Dictators have practically all the power in the country. They can single-handedly pass any law. There are only 2 laws the Dictators cannot start: a law for changing the new citizen message and law for impeaching the President.

The Dictator can initiate any other laws and he/she will be the only one voting in them. 24 hours is still required for a law to pass. This 24 hour rule is kept in order to maintain a balance in the game and to avoid breaking game mechanics such as mutual protection pact laws.

A Dictator can grant an extra 50% of the citizenship passes the country’s Congress is entitled to during the current term. The amount is guaranteed even if the congressmen had previously spent some or all of them. The shareable citizenship passes reset after the Congress elections.

A Dictator also appoints country titles.

Laws that can be proposed by

President: New citizen message · MPP · Declare war · Airstrike · Propose peace · Trade embargo · Resource concession · Leave alliance · Change alliance leader
Congress: Country donations · Minimum wage · President impeachment · Issue money · Change taxes · Accepting citizenship
Either President or Congress: Natural enemy
Dictator: Any of the above Laws except New citizen message and President impeachment

Important notes

  • When a Dictator gains power in a country, his/her citizenship is automatically changed to match the country where he/she is in charge.
  • If a Dictator assigns another player as a commander of the military unit, the Dictator status will be passed on as well.
  • A Dictator can be a candidate and get elected in all types of elections.
  • A Dictator cannot start a revolution.
  • If a President of country X does a successful military coup in country Y, he/she will become a Dictator and automatically loses the President’s seat in country X, as if he/she had been impeached.

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