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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth August 29, 2010
Date of death June 7, 2011
Residence Flag-Israel.jpg Jerusalem
Sex Male
Newspaper Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli Nationality
Congressman of Dubai
January 26th 2011 – February 6th 2011
Congressman of Jerusalem
October 25th 2010 – November 19th 2010, Resigned
Secretary General of LSCE
February 11th 2011 –
Congressman of Jerusalem
November 26th 2010 – December 25th 2010
Rank Icon rank Major.png Major
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen
Perm banned.png
Permanently banned

Emorfion was born on August 29, 2010 in Jerusalem in Israel. Emorfion created Israeli Nationality newspaper. Suggestor of Monaco to the eRepublik Admin. He was the Secretary General of the League of Small Countries of eRepublik.

Emorfion played a major part in the Middle East War. He was a contactor, and fighter for Israel, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. Emorfion also was the first Israeli to contact the newly created Arab states, and TAGE, in the matter of peace with Israel, and the combination of an Alliance in the Middle East.

He also contributed to the peace between Israel, UAE, KSA and Egypt, by being an ambassador on the Arab states. In the UAE, he became a politician, and ran for the first presidency of the UAE. He also created the first orginised force in the UAE called the "United Arab Emirated Union Defence Force", which fell after the take over by the russians on the UAE.

He was the first to translate wiki pages to Hebrew, and so suggest the Hebrew language to be added in the eRepublik wiki.


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Hard Worker(x6)
Icon achievement wiki on.gif Wiki Reward(x5)
October 2010
November 2010
December 2010
February 2011
March 2011

Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congressman(x3)
October - November 2010 (Jerusalem)
November - December 2010 (Jerusalem)
Januaery - February 2011 (Dubai)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Super Soldier(x6)



Israel Brazil United States of America Saudia Egypt UAE United Kingdom Turkey

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August 29, 2010 – June 7, 2011

Emorfion was a major part is the Israeli leadership. In the part, a major part in the Israeli dioist leadership. He was the Israeli embassador for the Arab countries, as well as fro the USA and the UK. Emorfion stood in the head of the League of the Small Nations of eRepublik, and acted as the Prince of Monaco.

May his memory be blessed