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Starting Day 3,468 (May 19, 2017), Citizens can set their Residence in one of the towns and cities in eRepublik. To reach the residence page, choose the first option on the My places menu.

Establishing a residence

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In order to establish a residence in a city, a citizen needs to travel to the city, apply for a residential permit and pay the one time residential tax and the property tax (if they have active houses).

Upon applying for a residence, citizen will be able to see all of the bonuses that he/she will receive if apply to become a resident, and they include:

Note: House and Central bonus are summed up together, therefore if you have 50 energy pool in House bonus and 50 energy pool in central park bonus, you will receive 100 energy pool bonus

The residential permit is approved automatically and the active houses will be transferred to the new city if the citizen can pay the above taxes.


The residents will benefit from increased energy recovery speed and the extra energy pool as long as they stay in the city of residence, according to the chart below.

House Energy recovery bonus Energy pool bonus Durability Overtime points
Central park +2/6 minutes 50 - -
Q1 +2/6 minutes 50 7 days 1/hour
Q2 +2/6 minutes 80 7 days 1/hour
Q3 +2/6 minutes 100 7 days 1/hour
Q4 +2/6 minutes 150 7 days 1/hour
Q5 +2/6 minutes 200 7 days 1/hour


A notice will appear when you leave your residence.

When travelling away from the city of residence, the recoverable energy bonus is not available and the extra energy pool is only active for 30 minutes from the moment of departure.

Once a citizen becomes a resident of a city, they can no longer turn back to their nomad status - being a citizen without residence. The houses that citizens have active in the cities will benefit from the durability bonus. The houses usage of a resident citizen will no longer have the option to be paused.


Do I need to have a citizenship of the country that owns the city to take residence there?

No, you do not need to be a citizen of that country.

To take residence in another city, do I have to pay the residential tax again?

Yes, you will pay the residential tax of the new city.

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