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This page has a direct link in eRepublik.

eRepublik link: https://www.erepublik.com/en/military/campaigns



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This is an old interface that was used on the Wars page

This page is about the in-game War module. For a historical list of wars that have occurred in eRepublik, see Category: Wars

War list is the third option on the main menu. Click "Wars" to see a list of active wars.

Wars were first released in eRepublik Rising on Day 792 (Jan 20, 2010), and replaced the previous module that was used in Version 1.

The following is an old interface used between year 2015 and year 2020, last recorded in May 2020.

For a new interface, check the Wars page.

Interface (2015 - 2020)

Military campaigns.png

The interface of the war (campaign) lists is easy to understand by simply using the text or icons. By default the interface only lists the wars of the country the citizen is in and its allies; to see all wars the player must scroll down the list until it appears.

Icon / Text Description
My contributions The battles in which you did at least 1 kill.
Campaign of the day Your country's highest priority war.
Country's campaigns Under this are all other wars your country is fighting currently.
Country's allies Under this are all the wars your country's allies are currently fighting.
All campaigns Under this are all wars currently being fought in which neither your country nor your country's allies are fighting
Ground battle icon.png Ground division wars.
Aerial battle icon.png Air division wars.
Icon mission la resistance.png Icon representing the resistance war
Icon determination.png Determination level of the region that is currently trying to be liberated
Icon move for the war.png Icon that shows up if you need to move in order to fight on that side
Icon cold war.png Icon representing a normal battle
Icon full scale war.png Icon representing a full scale battle
Icon epic war.png Icon representing an epic battle

The country on the left is the attacking country, and the country on the right is the defending country.


The newest addition to the Wars page is the search and filter options on the top of the page.

Filter on the top right side is used to filter out some of the battles you are not interested in. The default setting is to show all active battles and to achieve that the following setup is active:

  • Ground battles - show all ground battles. Default on.
  • Aircraft battles - show all air battles. Default on.
  • Cold battles - show all cold battles. Default on.
  • Full scale battles - show all full scale battles. Default on.
  • Epic battles - show all epic battles. Default on.
  • My location - show only battles available from my location. Default off.
  • Daily order - show only battles set by daily order. Default off.
  • Combat order - show only battles with combat orders. Default off.

At the bottom of the filter list, is the Reset filters button which will restore abovementioned defaults.

The search on the top left is actually also one of the filters, where you simply start writing a word and results automatically hide all of the battles that don't have the required word. For the best search results, it is recommended to use region or country names.

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