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Tiger Fractal by JPeiro.jpg
Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 193
Date of birth Day 921
Date of death 2011
Residence Canada
Sex female
Newspaper The Eye of the Tiger
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

chewytaz is a citizen of Canada, born into the new World on Day 921 (May 29 2010). In the Beginning she two clicked and media lurked. Until Day 1077 when she created her newspaper The Canadian News. Right now she is a former member of the The Crimson Order 7th legion. She held the position of the Party President of the Canadian Liberal Movement (CLM) however left halfway through her second term to join EPIC in order to fulfill her hopes of becoming a congresswoman of Canada. Also chewytaz has created the Canadian Education Program (CEP) a program for any Canadian citizen to learn more about eRepublik. She moved to Australia to work for the Crimson Devils. However moved back in May for a short break to focus more on politics.


Chewytaz currently makes her residence in Canada, however spent some time in Australia working for the Crimson Devils. Chewytaz likes to keep track of where she has been and has been around the world, mostly staying in a country for a few minutes trying to complete missions, work on her Mercenary medal or fight in a specific battle. Chewytaz has visited Poland many times when she wants to get away from eCanada. Chewytaz has been spotted in several other countries such as United Kingdom, Argentina, New Zealand, Hungary, Russia, Norway, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Switzerland, USA, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), South Africa, Ireland, Turkey, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Sweden, Romania Slovakia, Slovenia, Republic of Moldova, Chile, Austria, Germany and Spain


Chewytaz has ran for President unintentionally on March 5th. She failed winning the elections coming in 5th with 25 votes. Chewytaz has also ran for congress. On March 25th she ran in Manitoba where she received a mere two votes and once in November 2010 in Yorkshire and Humberside where she received two votes and tied for second . However she lost due to having a lower experience amount. She hoped to win a congress election a Australia however it was wiped before the congress elections. Chewytaz attempted another run at politics this May in Maryland and was successful giving her, her first congress medal. In the next congress elections chewytaz successfully won in Manitoba with 6 votes. She ran in Minnesota were she won with 6 votes. However due to breaking her laptop she was forced to resign and left eRepublik for two months. When she came back she decided to join a new party and help it reach the top 5. This party was named the Canvision Party (CVP). With this party she successfully won in the October congress elections in Yukon. Currently she wants to get a Cabinet position in Canada, or travel around the world. On December 15th chewytaz ran for party president of the CVP, but lost on exp to last minute entry Nucksalltheway. But on January 15th she successfully won the position of PP of CanVision Party. She resigned on February 3rd after an nomination error. Later on March 25th, she ran for congress in West Midlands and managed to win a congress seat with 4 votes. After the CVP merged into the UPC Chewytaz has joined the UPC and become the top spammer there. During the month of December after the Country elections with the reopening of the Ambassador Corps she reclaimed her position as ambassador to Poland, and does daily reports from the country. During this same period she finally got her wish of becoming a cabinet member and was given the position of Deputy Minister of Defense.


Icon skill strength.gif 9368.09 (9368.09 / 9500)
Military rank World Class Force
Icon rank World Class Force.png (11,994,828 / 14500000)

As of December 15th 2012


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 19x Hard Worker
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 37x Super Soldier.
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 4x Congress member.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 6x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif 2x Mercenary Medal.
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif 5x True Patriot