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Arjay Phoenician

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Nationality Flag-Bolivia.jpg Bolivian
Date of birth Day 556
Date of death Day 1217
Sex Male
Married to Leiwahara
(August 27, 2010 – November 1, 2010)
Newspaper Grain of Sand
President of South Korea
June 2010 – August 2010
Congress member of Bolivia
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Arjay Phoenician was a different sort of cat altogether. He died by the shores of Lake Titicaca, fighting for the Bolivian resistance against Argentine tyranny, but his mission at eRepublik was always in promotion of peace, honor, and personal dignity. Regardless of his given party affiliation, citizenship, or region of residence, his quest was always the same, to fight the good fight, to live honorably, to hold his head high, and to ultimately skew the balance of power in the name of serenity and chivalry.


A Newbie in the United States

Arjay was born on Day 556 (May 29, 2009) in the Arizona region of the United States of America.

Arjay's first avatar.  I'm a Sun Devil, baby!

Arjay dealt with the same sort of tribulations every other newbie faces at eRepublik, namely, starvation, low wages, and the inability to access much of the game. Instead of dwelling on what he couldn't do, he realized this was just a matter of paying his dues and biding his time. Although he realized fairly early that the expansion of the eRepublik world was vast and growing by bounds every day, Arjay took this time to explore, to participate in the eRepublik Forums, to discuss aspects of the game, and to make contacts and forge bonds that served him long beyond his newbie status.

Socialist Freedom Party logo

Two such contacts were Robert Bayer and Ernesto_Guevara. Bayer was running for President of the United States through a leftwing coalition headed by the US Green Party, but he had always been a major player in the Socialist Freedom Party (SFP). It is through Bayer that Arjay came to be part of the SFP, and no matter where he went in the world, he remained close to his brothers in the SFP. Such notables from the SFP included Bayer, Osmany Ramon, Mark Valshannar, and Fredrick Engels.

Ernesto_Guevara was a longtime politician from South America, and discussions over religion and ethics proved fruitful. Among other accomplishments, Ernesto was a former Congressman from Argentina and had run for President of that country. Arjay and Ernesto not only shared an interest in politics and philosophy, but also a zeal for proving eRepublik need not be a dog-eat-dog world, where aggression rules and the anything-goes ethic runs amok.

Arjay had a penchant for writing, but during his newbie phase, he was dissatisfied with the Forums. About a week after his birth, he stumbled upon the Advocacy Post, run by AJ Walker. Through Walker's paper, Arjay's first political writings were published, and between the Post and the Socialist Freedom Press he forged a literary identity that dared to challenge the established American political elite, especially then-president Scrabman and the United States Workers Party. By the time he had established his own newspaper, Grain of Sand, he had already gained a minute reputation for questioning the status quo. Early comments to his articles ranged from approval to disgust, and this encouraged him to continue to push the American Establishment's buttons. By the end of its first week, Grain of Sand had garnered 70 subscriptions and a spot in the top 100 papers in the USA.

Grain of Sand

One should not mistake Arjay's criticism of the Scrabman administration as mere partisanship, even though Scrabman referred to him and others as "anklebiters" and "butthole hater trolls". Undeterred, even encouraged, Arjay continued to question current political dogma. Notably, he argued that the US's recent signing of treaties with Sweden and Finland enabled those countries to invade their neighbors; Germany was briefly but completely wiped off the map, while Latvia became a symbol for the victimization of smaller countries daring to remain neutral in the war of superalliances. As his depth of game awareness grew, the more he came to loathe the existence of alliances such as PEACE and ATLANTIS, and this would become a motif throughout Arjay's political and military careers.

Making a Name in Bolivia

At the request of Ernesto_Guevara, Arjay came to Bolivia, quite simply, because he was asked. On June 18, 2009, Arjay moved to Chuquisaca and Tarija and established himself as a contributor to the Bolivian Forums and a candidate for Congress. Bolivia had recently been created, along with Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The other four countries immediately sought membership in the Alianza Hispano-Americana (AHA), an arm of PEACE GC. Bolivia, on the other hand, chose to explore her options more fully. Arjay joined the Union Boliviana and became a vocal member of the fledgling Bolivian community.

On the eve of their first Congressional elections, Bolivia faced three simultaneous PTO attempts. Alerted that a new party had been created, the Democracia Nacional, and that its leader, Ripipip was the leader of TakeOver, a PTO group from Denmark and Russia, Arjay used Grain of Sand to bring worldwide attention to Bolivia's situation. Ripipip's attempts at a PTO were thwarted, as well as the attempt by Kalle Holm, the former president of Sweden who gained infamy for staging the presidential PTO of Germany weeks before. Unfortunately, the third PTO group, the AFK Party, won 24 of Bolivia's 40 Congressional seats. Arjay did win a seat for himself, but with the Union Boliviana in the minority and no president yet voted in, Bolivia was at the mercy of the AFK.

Seeking a means for coexistence, Arjay approached the AFK leadership, who had little interest in doing anything but stealing the gold from the treasury. Within a week, the AFK left for Croatia and other European destinations, but not before recklessly tangling the Bolivian tax rates and stealing over Icon - Gold.gif 1200 GOLD and Flag-Bolivia.jpg 70,000 BOB--at the time, it was a theft worth over Icon - Gold.gif 2400 GOLD. The event made Arjay acutely critical of the concept of the PTO, and he would make it a point to research such groups and combat them around the world.

Upon Ernesto_Guevara's election as the nation's first president, he selected Arjay to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It was a position Arjay took seriously, and the experience and contacts made proved invaluable. His term as MoFA, however, was marred by personal grudges levied against Ernesto, first from SirLouen, his first candidate for MoFA but proved more of a rumor-monger than a Bolivian patriot, then from the AHA, where many delegates from Argentina and Chile held thinly-veiled hostility for Ernesto. Trying to maintain professionalism, despite the caustic environment at AHA (including a language barrier bordering bigotry), Arjay forged a working relationship with AHA's Secretary-General Dhoo and pushed forward for Bolivian membership in the Alianza. Unfortunately, the AHA's Security Council drug its feet for final confirmation, and that enabled Chile and Argentina to invade the Bolivian Altiplano; were it not for Ernesto's quick establishment of an MPP network, the invasion may have succeeded. A great debt of gratitude goes to Brazil. At the end of the day, though, AHA rejected Bolivia's membership, and though PEACE voiced its disapproval of Chile's and Argentina's aggression, nothing came of it. These events further enforced his disdain for the concept of superalliances, and coupled by PEACE's summer victories in their campaign in his native United States, he clanged even tighter to his beliefs that only honor and dignity could save eRepublik.

Arjay Loves Rainy!

In his later days in Bolivia, Arjay's explorations of world concepts continued. He became fascinated with underground organizations, mostly the defunct Order of Gaia. He also contemplated the possibility of relationships beyond the basic interface, and his growing closeness to friends like rainy sunday is indicative of his desire to live his life at eRepublik outside the proverbial box.

Vagabond Days

The Bolivian elections of August 5, 2009, meant the end of the Ernesto administration, and with his country of origin, the United States, being decimated by member states of PEACE, Arjay believed this was a good time for transition in his own life. He formally resigned from the Bolivian Congress on August 6 and moved to New Jersey to fight in defense of the US, but the move was temporary. He would spend the next several months traveling around the eRepublik world, making fresh contacts, fighting in defensive battles, seeking new forms of expression, and deepening his friendships.

From America, Arjay joined Rainy in Madrid, Spain, and fought in defense against French and Brazilian aggression. From Spain, the two started moving together as a team. They moved to Israel, then to South Africa to assist their former exile community, led by Ines Schumacher, in forming their first government since Brazilian occupation months earlier. They worked odd jobs as they traveled, never making more than their immediate expenses required, allowing the winds to take them, and they flourished in this lifestyle; without the usual trappings of community life, they were able to go anywhere they desired, becoming involved in a variety of movements, like the Canadian Resistance Movement.

This personal blossoming can readily be seen in the growing following of Grain of Sand, jumping from 125 subscriptions to over 300 in a matter of days, and to over 500 in a month. Arjay planted articles in the media of various countries, most notably in the United Kingdom, where he sought to erode support for their membership in PEACE. In a time when other publishers were putting price tags on their journalistic ethics for the sake of gold for feeding world war, taking part in various Media Mogul Projects designed to artificially raise a newspaper's statistics in order to get medals and gold, Grain abstained from such manipulations and built a reputation for insightful commentary, spirited lyricism, and a devout disdain for the superalliance paradigm. A couple of articles were even voted on enough to qualify for the International News list, with his commentary on Feherlofia Koppany reaching #6 on the list. With Rainy scouring the world media for leads and Arjay writing the articles, Grain became something special.

In early September, they moved to Japan to assist the legitimate community of South Korea. By October Arjay was in the United Kingdom, supporting wingfield's run for Prime Minister, then back to South Africa to assist Enoch Root. As he ran back and forth between countries, he assisted the re-emerging Switzerland in their PTO alert. His criticism of America's shortsighted foreign policy continued when superalliances collided in the hostile takeover of Flanders, Belgium.

Though they seriously considered the matter, Arjay and Rainy never married, despite many believing they had. As Arjay continued his travels, Rainy returned to the US and established herself as a stalwart in American politics, eventually becoming a ten-term Congressman, the Congressional Whip, the director of the Department and Human Services, and a perpetual mentor to newbies.

The World-Tribe

Journey of Wisdom

By mid-October 2009, Grain of Sand had collected a small but loyal following, many considering his stance against superalliances and a call for honor something refreshing and lacking in the world. In order to collect these various people from around the world into one community, Arjay founded the World-Tribe. He invited friends and readers of the Grain, citizens from around the world who agreed with his anti-superalliance message and his desire for nations to act with honor and dignity and reject the prevalent anything-goes policies of shortsighted governments. Within a month, over fifty citizens from various countries visited the Tribe's Forum, with twenty-plus becoming full-fledged members. The desire was not to generate a community with large numbers, but a small group of people who care about one another and the world, and are willing to be expressive and creative in building a new culture.

Arjay continued his travels and writing his articles. In late November he was working in a Tribal oil company in Indonesia, and in December he revived his criticism of the US government. He wrote a scalding series on the bait-and-switch tactics Jewitt used to win that month's presidential election, coupled with the immediate declaration of war on Japan; the highlight of this epoch was a well-attended IRC discussion between him and former US President Emerick. While filling the American media with articles, he went to India to participate in their fight to win back regions held by Iran, then to Australia to fend off the invasion from Brazil.

Several ideas have been proposed for a long-term goal for the Tribe, among which, Arjay dabbled with a "village" concept, bringing Tribal culture to the world, one village at a time, starting in the US. As needed, he has worked in various Tribal enterprises, including at an oil company in Indonesia and an iron company in New Jersey.

On January 5, 2010, The Arjay Phoenician Show, an IRC-based weekly "talk show", debuted. The first guest to appear on his show was South African matriarch, Ines Schumacher. Despite initial server difficulties, Arjay was encouraged with the format, as well as the freedom to talk about things he couldn't express in his newspaper. As of this writing, the show has explored themes such as war, super-alliances, religion, and sexuality. The show had a run of nine episodes before it was self-terminated.

The World-Tribe will exist as long as people remember the ideals discussed therein, concepts like balance and chivalry. While they are flung off to every corner of the world, the spirit of the Tribe unites them in a unique way that time and distance don't seem able to tarnish.

Project for a New Korean Society

When Myung Kei alerted Arjay that the Theocrats were leaving South Korea in late-January, he dropped everything and ran. While others in the country sought to solve the economic, military, and political problems facing the country, Arjay knew the most important thing for making it stable and able to ward off PTO's is to bring the community together, not to blame the Theocrats for their totalitarian abuses, but to look to the future. Even before he was granted citizenship, Arjay quickly became active at the South Korean Forum and in the national media, filling it with articles he'd otherwise plant in media elsewhere. He took the newspaper from the dormant World-Tribe and created the New Advocacy Post, a homage to his friend AJ Walker and his Advocacy Post, to encourage new writers.

He soon found himself back in South Korea, when the Japanese suddenly decided to declare war on them. He sprang into action in usual Arjay fashion, using his newspaper and contacts to drum up support for South Korea. While the government busied itself with building up its MPP's, notably with Germany, Arjay employed Grain of Sand yet again to bring the news of impending invasion to the world. Through Grain, offers from private citizens and small militias started coming through, and though he had no authority to deliver orders or even welcome their offers, he started them in motion. His hope was to prove a small country could be defended from invasion, without that country running into the arms of one super-alliance or the other. Either entirely or partly due to Arjay's actions, offers to assist started coming in from places like Austria, the Czech Republic, Chile, and the United States.

Arjay has worked with the Internationale and other worldwide leftists on many occasions

On May 6, 2010, the Japanese Diet declared war on South Korea, and the next day, they attacked Gyeongsangbuk-do. Though initially unprepared, the South Korean defense managed to give the Japanese all they can handle, keeping the wall up until literally two minutes left in the fight, when foreign tanks narrowly won the day for Japan. Arjay fought in the battle, wrote about the war in both the South Korean and Japanese media, and tried putting together his coalition of militias. Working with the Internationale, he helped organize a major resistance war on May 10; the battle failed by a nose, but it showed his ability to push his international buttons and get them interested in a country with only 500 people.

It was put-up-or-shut-up time again for Arjay, and after roundly criticizing the administration of Peter de LusionisT Bae for lack of communication during the darkest moments of the war, he declared his candidacy for president again, for the month of June, through the South Korean Communist Party. In the weeks leading up to the election, Arjay lent his voice for the MPP with Russia, which rendered the Japanese military impotent, and South Korea quickly regained their original regions via RW. With financial backing, he organized a food drive to help South Korean citizens at a time when the economy was struggling, half the country was in Japanese hands, and jobs were in flux.

Arjay won the June presidential election by two votes over Joseph Orair and set upon an ambitious agenda to bring South Korea into the world community, including the expansion of bureaucracy and a more open attitude toward world affairs. Many of his ideas, however, took a back seat, as South Korea experienced a sizable baby boom, bloating the population from 546 on the day of his inauguration to 900 by mid-July; he welcomed the newcomers, most of them from the real-life Korean gaming community, Europa Universalis, and balanced running the country with educating them. His wish to have a Korean-language newspaper was realized, and soon South Korea was bilingual, with English and Korean papers both in the media on a regular basis. Instead of fearing them and calling them PTO artists, he integrated them into national society. With Philip Park translating Grain of Sand into Korean, and leaders like Grease and Elignis Jinn filling his inbox, Arjay played a significant part in keeping this wave of newcomers not only staying, but growing.

In July 2010, he won re-election with a clear majority, gaining 112 votes, the most in South Korean history, due in large part to support from the new Korean community. While he wasn't successful at implementing the many reforms he proposed, including reviving activity in Congress and getting Japan to sign a peace treaty, his second term saw the continuance of the baby boom which pushed the national population past one thousand residents for the first time in their history. He also oversaw South Korea's transition to V2 (eRepublik Rising), and while many of his longtime friends retired and quit because of the change, Arjay stayed on to push his various agendas.

Arjay nominated Grease to succeed him as president for August, to which Grease won by a landslide, with over 70% of the votes. He remained in government, working as Minister of Defense under Grease, trying to finally create a real military presence in South Korea, the first since the Theocrats left seven months prior; in the interceding seven months, MoD's had been apathetic and disappointing. The work was daunting, but within a few weeks of taking the job, he developed a roster with a dozen citizens and started fighting in battles, not just using MPP's, but going abroad to fight. In mid-August the new South Korean Guard was heading to Bolivia to be part of a resistance war, to Germany to fight Poland, and to Austria to stave off an Italian invasion. Though criticized for his unwillingness to play beancounter, Arjay made up for it with activity and communication. By the end of his term, he had thirteen well-armed Guardians on his roster, and a country a little more knowledgeable about the war module and the need for an active national army.

Arjay's Leiwahara

It was during these trying times, with the world plunged into V2-induced darkness and many of his friends leaving the game, that he met Leiwahara as a new player in South Korea. This relationship revitalized his commitment to the game, and as he watched her quickly blossom into a force in SK politics, he realized her positivity and energy were not just what a jaundiced world needed, but what he needed as well. On August 27, 2010, Arjay and Leiwahara exchanged wedding vows, becoming husband and wife.

Though Bolivia had regained two regions through those resistance battles, the admins did not allow them Congressional elections, which meant open citizenship and complete vulnerability. With Argentina seeking to claim the country by way of PTO, Arjay started splitting time between South Korea and Bolivia, voting in the September presidential elections for the "safe" candidate, Guvid, who lost to the Argentine candidate, fanasimpson, while working in foreign affairs for new South Korean President Veritas Causidicus. He united with old friends like Ernesto_Guevara and jesusfbo in the hope of making the Bolivian Congressional elections as stable as possible. When the South Korean government renewed its MPP with Russia, Arjay worked full-time on the Bolivian crisis, working the media there and spreading misinformation in Argentina with some success. Bolivia swept the party elections and deadlocked with Argentina in the Congressional elections, ten seats apiece, but it was the victory in the presidential elections in early October that put talomedina in power and defeated the Argentine PTO.

While he was admittedly giving more attention to Bolivia than South Korea at this point, he was still involved in the peace process concerning Japan. Though he had always sought a treaty between South Korea and Japan, the trollocracy in Japan laughed at the concept, blaming Arjay for starting the war in the first place and being the biggest obstacle; it was all contrived, but they chose to create a boogeyman and place all their ills on him instead of owning up to their own actions and taking responsibility for them. Ultimately, however, some of the most rancid trolls in Japan, including interim president TheReverendSeanV and Alfred Ball, appeared in his inbox, willing to negotiate peace after months of mockery. Having no real power to discuss peace, he wrote an article discussing the matter with the South Korean people on the whole; it was honest, and therefore unflattering concerning Japanese leadership, but he did argue for peace. Despite reawakening the trollocracy and underestimating the renewed animosity South Koreans had for Japan (the previous Japanese president, Sugawara Michizane, had attacked South Korea days before in a sort of rage-quit tantrum, part of why he was impeached), Arjay stuck to his guns until the end. Allegedly, the state of war between the two countries has been used for training wars, and Japanese trolls will apparently tell you it's Arjay's absence that allowed the process to happen, but those who are honest know that Arjay worked for peace long before this, and the reason why his name is so demonized in Japan is because he continues to adhere to the Righteous Nation Philosophy (penned by longtime friend Reiji Mitsurugi) and dared to hold Japan to that standard, even as the trolls were taking power and declaring war.

Life in New Zealand

Whaka the Kiwi

Arjay had always wanted to be part of the New Zealand community, to be there when it started, and potentially to live the rest of his life there; thus, when the admins announced in late September that New Zealand would soon be on the map, Arjay started planning for it, seeking out those interested in starting the community, engaging in discussions before the country came to the map, and as his obligations elsewhere in the world came to an end (with Japan finally sitting down to talk peace with South Korea and Bolivia defeating the Argentine PTO), on October 7, 2010, Leiwahara and he came to New Zealand the first day of its existence and established two companies, L&A Grai and L&A Food.

During the provisional era, he was surprised to be named Deputy Minister of Immigration by Myles Robinson. Most of his time during the early days of New Zealand, however, was more low-key than usual for Arjay, content to oversee his companies, write community-friendly articles, and play nice. Although he was critical of the provisionals' decision to send soldiers to Pakistan to assist in the attack against India by way of Max McFarland 2's credit card, he was mostly supportive of the Robinson team. When the Serbian faction came, first to PTO New Zealand, then to integrate, Arjay wrote about the necessity for there to be one unified New Zealand. He even went to the IRC channel of SRPSKI KORPUS, making friend with Serbs, especially Ovoima, from whom he received an education on real-world Balkan history. It is in this spirit that he started a NAME THE KIWI contest through his newspaper and the national forum; the readers of Grain of Sand chose Whaka.

By mid-November 2010, Arjay was reverting to his previous patterns of behavior. When New Zealand Prime Minister Calbe pushed the button to start a training war with Australia with no prior announcement in the media, he took the opportunity to chide him in the newspapers about his lack of transparency and acting like a typical politician, coming around only to ask for your vote, then going away without a report. He also jumped to Bolivia, and while his role in winning the resistance war in Bolivian Altiplano was minute, he used the event as a chance to tell New Zealanders about the importance of small countries working together.

Last Dance for Arjay

Leiwahara died in November 2010 as she delivered Arjay a son, Charlie Phoenician. Arjay did not speak to anyone about the bittersweet event, lamenting very little in public over losing his beautiful bride.

Charlie Phoenician

Considering how he'd been in Bolivia three times in the previous two months, not content with the 2-click life in New Zealand, Arjay divested himself from that country and hit the road again, where he was the happiest; he delivered his son to a local Dioist monastery just before he left New Zealand for the last time. He returned to Bolivia, where he found his former home dominated by the Argentine PTO group, the Pindonga (prostitute in English). Arjay was doubly troubled by what he saw; on one hand, he watched the Pindonga-dominated Congress destroy Bolivia's currency (bottoming out at Flag-Bolivia.jpg 160 BOB/Icon - Gold.gif 1 GOLD) and then steal a QUARTER MILLION BOB's to fuel their continuing invasions against Bolivia and Peru, while on the other hand, the Bolivian community seemed unable and/or unwilling to put up much of a fight. Though Arjay tried to rally the community, even running for president of the Pindonga Nacionalista, he was crestfallen when, for his efforts and ordeals in dealing with the Pindonga trolls and the language barrier, pro-Bolivian candidates received all of nine votes (nearly 500 votes were cast in the December country president elections, just ten days prior, with the pro-Bolivian candidate, Maniek M, gaining over 45%). With the Pindonga strengthening their hold further on Bolivian politics and the Bolivian community almost completely silent, Arjay started looking for other avenues to explore.


With the return of Dio Brando to the e-world on December 19, 2010, Arjay sought to not only befriend the Holy Emperor and the one true god, but to establish his own strain of Dioism, based on sola scriptura, and dedicated to expose the gap between what Dio said and did in his prior lives in this world, and how his worshipers acted in his holy name. To Arjay, Dioism was like Christianity in the sense that there seems to be little connection between what Jesus Christ stood for and what Christian history turned out to be. As such, Arjay saw himself to be the eRepublik equivalent of St. Paul.

On Christmas Day 2010, the fellow who pulls Arjay's strings and makes him say funny things had an epiphany, that life is worth living, and while Arjay's star will always shine bright, he needs to push himself away from the computer, count his blessings, and move on. With the Pindonga firmly entrenched as Bolivia's tyrannical despots and little support for a full-scale revolt, Arjay Phoenician pulled up his posts and settled by the shores of Lake Titicaca in the Bolivian Altiplano. His final message to the world of eRepublik, after months of silence, was presented on March 20, 2011, and the next day, his final act in this world was to fight with the Bolivian resistance to free the Altiplano from Argentine oppression. Here lies Arjay Phoenician, dead at the age of 661 days.

Political Life at a Glance

Arjay's first political home, the SFP

Union Boliviana, Bolivia's first official political party

Logo for United South Africa
South Africa

Arjay created the PNK and ran for President through it
South Korea
  • Member of various political parties in South Korea
    • Party President (February 3, 2010 - April 15, 2010)
    • Congress, two terms (February 26, 2010 - April 15, 2010)
    • Country President, two terms (June 6, 2010 - August 6, 2010)
    • Minister of Defense under President Grease (August 6, 2010 - September 5, 2010)
    • Minister of Foreign Affairs under President Veritas Causidicus (September 6, 2010 - October 5, 2010)

Arjay campaigned for Detroit34 and wingfield for Prime Minister of the UK
  • Member of British Social Study Movement

While a member of the KIP, Arjay supported the Union Party during the provisional era
New Zealand

Media Highlights

Arjay has interviewed the following players in either his newspaper, Grain of Sand (GoS), or his show, The Arjay Phoenician Show (TAPS):

The Incomparable Ines Schumacher

List does not count those participating in the round-table discussion for the New South Korean Community.

Arjay has been interviewed by the following writers:

Arjay's writings have been trolled by some of the more prominent figures in e-world history. Some of the more persistent trolls include:

Upon his death, Grain of Sand boasted over 1200 subscribers.

Arjay's banner for Grain of Sand


  • La Fundacion Diablo del Sol
  • World-Tribe Unlimited
  • Chosin Few Enterprises
  • Phoenician Global

Arjay's Children

Mia Angela Carina
  • Charlie Phoenician is the legitimate offspring of Arjay and Leiwahara. He was left at the doorstep of a Dioist monastery in New Zealand as his mother had died during his birth and Arjay was moving on to Bolivia to fight Argentine tyranny.
  • Mia Angela Carina was the illegitimate daughter of Arjay and Theresa Hernandez. She never knew her father, and Arjay died never knowing he had a daughter. She wandered throughout the Americas until she "woke up" in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Anthony DeAngelis
  • Arjay Phoenician III claims to be Arjay's grandson as well as the reincarnation of Arjay himself, depending on what mood he's in on a given day.


  • Despite the reference to sand in the name Grain of Sand, Arjay did not become an adherent to Dioism until a year and a half into his e-life.
  • Grain of Sand comes from a reference made by H. Ross Perot in the 1992 US Presidential elections.
  • Arjay uses nineteen images in his newspaper banner, referencing the important aspects in his life. Starting with the upper lefthand corner, those images represent Grain of Sand, Project for a New Korea, Rainy Sunday, Media Mogul Medal, Socialist Freedom Party, South Korea, Presidential Medal, World-Tribe, Arjay Phoenician, L&A Food, Bolivia, Arjay's newbie avatar, Phoenix Quinn, Grain of Sand, The Arjay Phoenician Show, Righteous Nation Philosophy, Grainne Ni Mhaille, Leiwahara, and Whaka/New Zealand.
  • Arjay has been a member of the Internationale since he was a newbie in the Socialist Freedom Party in the US, and membership has paid dividends throughout his e-life. From getting their assistance to fend off PTO's in Bolivia to waging resistance wars in South Korea against Japan, he's always been able to rely on the help of this worldwide leftist organization.
  • Arjay takes personal credit for there no longer being a forum on the AHA / ALA website for English speakers.
  • Arjay takes pride that, while many in Bolivia were wondering what to do after getting PTO’d, he approached the PTO mercenaries, the AFK (now the PMTF in Peru), on their own IRC turf, talked directly to them, and saw for himself what they’re all about.
  • Arjay was on the road from August 6th, 2009, to January 17, 2010.
  • Arjay got kicked off the Sol IRC channel for asking why Malaysia validated the Theocratic PTO of South Korea by signing an MPP with them.
  • You can google the name Arjay Phoenician, and you will find people talking about him in places outside the eRepublik universe, like and the forum for World of Warcraft, on the first page. That’s neat.
  • Arjay got people to yell WE’LL KILL ARJAY when he wrote an article in the Indonesian media, calling the entire country one collective wuss. Similarly, Argentine PTO artists in Bolivia chanted YANKI GO HOME when he arrived in September 2010 to help Ernesto_Guevara, jesusfbo, and the rest of the Bolivian community.
  • People were so ticked off at Arjay for calling them “so-called Theocrats”, several businesses and newspapers in South Korea renamed themselves accordingly, like, The So-Called Newspaper.
Scrabman was the first of many US presidents to receive Arjay's criticism
  • Arjay wrote a letter to Poland’s President Cerber, demanding the liberation of Peru; he replied by giving Arjay a link to a document, explaining his position on the “protectorate” of Peru, a document co-signed by leewas, a confirmed PTO artist and part of PTO's in Bolivia and Brazil. A president dares to say a document co-signed by PTO artists is kosher.
  • An article Arjay wrote criticizing Hungarian general Feherlofia Koppany made it to #6 in the International News, the most read article he has written to date that did not involve advertising for it or mentioning it in the media of thirty-odd countries.
  • Arjay was one of the “butthole hater trolls” former US President Scrabman famously lambasted in the American media in June, and he was only about two weeks old!
  • Arjay attempted to leave the game once, but his effort didn't last more than a week. He once famously announced his "suicide", but he was back the very next day as if nothing ever happened.
  • Upon leaving South Korea in April 2010, Stalin-chan and Breton Boy created The Patented Arjay Article Articulator, a parody of Grain of Sand. It's pretty cool, check it out.
  • In confronting the Japanese on the eve of their invasion of South Korea, Arjay got booted from the Japanese IRC channel twice in one night. The list of national/alliance IRC channels Arjay's been kicked off of also includes Sol and the US.
  • Arjay considers himself an adherent of the Righteous Nation Philosophy, even though he feels the Japanese disavowed themselves from it upon their attack of South Korea.
  • During the Japanese invasion of South Korea, Arjay was successful at planting misinformation in the Japanese media, effectively getting many to fight on behalf of South Korea in a resistance war. It's unfortunate that he got more Japanese to fight for South Korea than South Koreans.
  • Arjay is a proponent of the usage of misinformation. Along with its use in South Korea, he has used it on other occasions, including in assisting Bolivia defeat the Argentine PTO and in New Zealand to confuse Serb PTOers.
  • Arjay finally got his Media Mogul Medal in late-May 2010, without selling out to various projects guaranteed to boost subscriber numbers without anyone ever reading the paper.
  • In the comments of his article following one episode of The Arjay Phoenician Show where he had an all-female panel, he received over 400 messages from a citizen calling himself "Women are ****holes", saying over and over again "gb2 the kitchen". One of his guests, Astra Kat G, received a similar greeting, getting over a hundred repetitive insults immediately after the show. Between the prevalence of misogynistic remarks on IRC chat, the adolescent overuse of bikini models in advertizing, and tantrums like these, Arjay is convinced the eRepublik populace, on the whole, is sexually retarded.
  • Arjay was one of 84 prominent world citizens to be banned on GF Day (The Day of Glorious Failure (June 30, 2010)), when Necrosis made his admin credentials public. The ban is an unfortunate status symbol.
  • Arjay was named Deputy Minister of Immigration by the provisional government of New Zealand, marking the second time he held an administrative position in a new country.
  • In the name of community solidarity, Arjay started a NAME THE KIWI contest in his newspaper and the New Zealand national forum. The winning name was Whaka, and he gave Carr De Vaux five gold for creating it.
  • As of March 2011, there were over 15,000 articles published on Wiki, and Arjay's Wiki page is one of the forty longest pages, with about 41,000 bytes. If you were asking yourself, "is it just me, or is this a freaking long bio", it's not just you.
Poster for The Arjay Phoenician Show, made by fingerguns


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