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This page is about the history of the eRepublik state Norway.

While this is meant to be a just historical timeline of Norway, the reality is that due to the conquests made early in Norway's history this also covers a lot of the history of Finland[1] and Russia as well. All the events mentioned below have helped mould Norway and, in some ways, the world, into the shape it is today. Also included are various events of global significance, which are shown with a Icon allcountries.gif.


The early months may as well be known as Norway's Dark Ages, as very little documentary evidence remains from those early days. We know little about the first settlers, who they were and where they came from. All we know is that it did not take long for the country to become a world power.


2008 saw the rapid rise of Norway to become one of the preeminent world powers through quick conquest of Finland and Russia. Once completed the country then had to adapt to the booming populations now under its control.


Now with its empire dissolving, and not always at the rate it had wished for, in 2009 Norway had to balance the needs of its own people and the needs of the alliances around it, even if these two aims were not compatible. Meanwhile, its government was in constant danger from PTO groups looking to disrupt the slowly disintegrating empire.


No longer a world power, 2010 sees Norway trying to figure out its place in the New World.




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