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This is the presentation page of your companies. You will be able to view different information about a companies.

Company Information


Company presentation page.jpg
In the header you get information about the company you are working in and its employer:
  • Your employer's avatar
  • His name and link to his profile
  • You can also resign from the job
  • Information about working in this company (loss of energy, salary, income tax and it's possible to work in the company)

My Companies

Here you can see all the things you can do concerning your companies and further information.


There are some tools that help you organizing your companies and your employees:

Company overview

  • Companies
    • You can see the sort of the company
    • you can also see the Customization level of the company by looking at the stars below the picture
    • If you chose upgrade, downgrade or dissolve you will also see symbols next to your companies. By choosing the symbol you also chose the company that you like to upgrade or something else

Note: Only food, weapon and houses companies can be upgraded or downgraded. There are only Level 1 Aircraft companies, so they cannot be upgraded.

  • Work as Manager
    • if the man is grey you haven't worked in that company today and you won't do it by clicking "start production".
    • if the man is black you haven't worked in that company today and will work in it by clicking "start production".
    • if the man is green you have already worked in that company today. You can use that company tomorrow again.
  • Employees
    • Grey means that you don't intend to let an employee work there.
    • Black means that one (or more) employees will work there if you click "start production".
    • Green means that you used an employee at this company. You can use that working place tomorrow again.

Note: In order to hire employees, the company manager must have an Adult Title.


The footer presents information about the things you use while starting your production.

  • Energy
    • here you can see the amount of energy you will use by working as manager in the companies you have chosen.
    • the amount will be updated immediately when you change your options.
  • Employees
    • here you can see how many employees you will use when starting the production.
    • the second number shows you the amount of employee work you stocked.
    • the numbers will be updated immediately when you change your options.

Note: If the numbers are negative the amount will be taken out off you storage. If it is positive the amount will be added to your storage.

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