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There are abbreviations and acronyms for several official and unofficial in-game terms, which are being used by the players, sometimes a lot, sometimes rarely. Some of the acronyms may be seen being used officially by the game. The following table contains most of what is used currently.

Abbreviation Meaning(s) Comment
AC Air Commodore
AP or Ass Pack Assault Pack
Arm Aircraft raw material
AS Airstrike
ATO or Anti-PTO Anti (Political) Take-Over Opposite of PTO, meaning measures to prevent it.
BB Baby Boom
Big Bomb
BH Battle Hero
BP Blitzkrieg pack
BZ Bazooka Appears on battlefield when bazooka is equipped in the ground,
and the AIM-92 Stinger in the air.
CC Country Currency
CH Campaign Hero
CO Combat Order
CP Country President
CS Citizenship
Combat Stash
CotD or CoD Campaign of the Day
CW Civil War
DC Day Change
Det Determination
Div or D (D1, D2...) Division
Dmg or Dam Damage
DO Daily Order
DoW Declaration of War
Dur Durability
EB Energy Bar
EC Energy Center
EMU Elite Military Unit
ER Energy Recovery
Erpk or Erep Erepublik Erpk is the official[1], Erep is the de facto.
FF Food Fights
Freedom Fighter
Food Fights means total energy divided by 10.
FP Forfeit Point
Frm Food raw material
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GF Guerrilla Fight
Gov or Govt Government
GoW God of War
HC Holding Company
Hrm House raw material
HW Hard Worker
IG In-Game
IK Infantry Kit
Inf Influence
IT Import Tax
Leg Legend
LP Loyalty Program
Merc Mercenary
MM Media Mogul
Monetary Market
MMM Media Mogul Medal
MoD Minister of Defense Not to be confused with Moderator (Mod).
MoE Minister of Education
MoIA Minister of Internal Affairs
MoFA Minister of Foreign Affairs
MoF Minister of Finance
MP Maverick Pack
Member of Parliament
MPP Mutual Protection Pact
MT Moving Ticket
MTO Military Take-Over When a MU takeovers via coup another country.
MU Military Unit
Multi Multiple Account
NE Natural Enemy
NW New World
No Weapon
No Weapon appears on battlefield when there's no weapon equipped.
OP Overtime Points
Org Organization
Perm Ban Permanent Ban
PF Plato Foundation
PH Prestige Hunter
PM Prime Minister
Private Message
Prio Priority
Prod Production
PS Power Spin
PTO Political Take-Over
PP Party President
Power Pack
Prestige Points
Q (Q1, Q2...) Quality
Res Residence
RH Resistance Hero
RL or IRL (In) Real-Life
RW Resistance War
SB Small Bomb
Society Builder
SC Supreme Commander Position used in alliances.
SG Secretary General
Supreme General
Both are referring to the same position used in alliances.
SH Sky Hero
SoFA Secretary of Foreign Affairs Position used in alliances.
SP Supply Pack
SS Screenshot
Super Soldier
Screenshot used commonly for verification and in forms.
Tx (T10, T70...) Minutes x of a round T70 means in 1 hour and 10 minutes of the round
T-x (T-2, T-5...) Last x minutes of a round T-5 means 5 minutes before the normal end of the round
TC Town Center
Training Contract
Temp Ban Temporary Ban
TF Top Fighter
TG Training Ground
TP True Patriot
Tycoon Pack
TW Training War Not actual war, usually to "farm" medals for gold.
V+S or V+S+C+E Vote and Subscribe
(and Comment and Endorse)
Used for articles advertisement or commentary.
VAT Value Added Tax
WaM Work as Manager
WC Weekly Challenge
Wing Commander
Wep(s) Weapon(s)
Wrm Weapon raw material
WS War Stash
WT Work Tax


  1. As used in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents.

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