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Fhaemita The Apostate

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Netherlands.jpg Dutch

Date of birth October 14th 2009
(Day 694 of the New World)
Date of death March 23, 2023
(Day 5602 of the New World)
Residence Icon-Netherlands.png Groningen
Northern Netherlands
Sex Male
Faith Militant Antitheism
Married to Prophexy
(September 17, 2011 – October 30, 2011)
Children Monsieur Guillontine & Beaver Juice
Newspaper Fhaemita View
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend IX
Legend title Legends of Netherlands: Weekstrom Battalion IX
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 5.png Chief Master Sergeant*****

The strongest and most altruistic leader, even if his office is dependent on the support of the masses, must look first to the dictates of his heart,

never allowing his decisions to be swayed by popular opinion. It is only through courage and strength of character that a true and memorable legacy is ever attained.

—Fhaemita Malodorous (Quote from Sandworms of Dune)


Icon achievement Party President on.gif Citizen Info


581,421 / 585,000

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Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Politics

Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands

The start of Fhaemita political career was at a very young age, as soon as he was able to at 7, he joined Libertarian Social Democrats after Cocoamok loaned him his first house, a Q2 house that he could use until he could find a better house. Although a member of LSD besides voting and being on the IRC channel and sometimes posting on the LSD forum he was barely politically active.

Icon-South Africa.png South Africa

Start of his political career

The real start of his political career was shortly after he was in South Africa and had gotten his citizenship on January 4, 2010, when he joined Independent Alternative and ran for Congress in KwaZulu-Natal and got voted into Congress for the first time in his life. [1] in January 2010 but he was barely active again on the forums in his first term in Congress. In February he got assigned as South African ambassador to Switzerland but later switched to become South African ambassador to Netherlands and Belgium.[2] [3] In February, Fhaemita Malodorous run a for a second term for Independent Alternative as senator for KwaZulu-Natal but failed to get into the Congress. [4] His first position in South-African government was in April 2010 as Director of Wiki and Deputy Minister of Information under Merle Corey.[5] In the same month, he also ran for Congress again for the third time for Independent Alternative in Free State and failed for the second time in a row to make it into Congress. [6] In may 2010 he was asked to become Deputy Minister of Tourism under SamGibz and the month after that he became Deputy Minister of Information again, this time under Nickerball. [7][8] The twice not getting into congress did not stop him to run again for Congress in May of 2010 again this time in mpumalanga and again under the Independent Alternative banner and this time he was successful and got elected into congress and that month he also was one of the nominees for the exchange program between Australia and South Africa but lost from wingfield by just two votes.[9]After he had been passed for becoming minister Fhaemita decided to take a break from eSouth African politics but was still asked to return and become Director of Education.[10]

Climbing the political ladder

Fhaemita returned to politics a month later but did not return to Independent Alternative the biggest political party but switched to New Africa Party the second biggest party of South Africa and only two weeks after joining the party he was elected party president a position that he would hold for four consecutive months till after the party president elections of November 2010 when the party was PTO'ed by the Hungarians. Fhaemita did not get elected for Congress in July as the Hungarians/Serbian PTO'ers got a super-majority in Congress and only a hand full of true South Africans were able to get a Congress seat. It was decided to make that month's congress a resistance congress and add people who missed Congress due to the PTO. Fhaemita was one of the chosen few to be part of the resistance congress and was even elected congressional moderator for that term[11][12] In the country president elections of August there was a forum preliminary vote so to have one candidate running against the Hungarian PTO candidate. Grimstone won the forum preliminary elections but did not win the ingame elections and became a leader of the resistance government as the country was now fully PTO'ed by Hungarians and Serbs as they both held the presidency and a majority on Congress. Grimstone made Fhaemita Minister of Information in Grimstone's first cabinet. [13] The congress elections were very unlucky for Fhaemita, he was running in Northern Cape but the regions were conquered by Brazil the day before the congress election and thus was not able to change the region he was running from. After the election of September 2010, Grimstone was again elected resistance president and for his hard work and loyalty to the president Fhaemita was asked to become vice president of South Africa. Fhaemita gladly accepted the new challenge and held the position for two consecutive months.[14][15] In October Mark Morcom was elected resistance president and Fhaemita became Minister of Foreign Affairs. [16]


Fhaemita's ambition to become started in July 2010 just after he left Independent Alternative and went to New Africa Party but he was too late with his interest in running to be able to participate in the country president preliminary forum elections of that month. He was planning to try again in August and wrote a manifest that never got published because instead of running himself he decided to support the candidacy of Grimstone who was running for his former party Independent Alternative instead. For this support, he was rewarded with a ministry post in the provisional government of South Africa of August 2010. The two months after September and October that he kept supporting Grimstone as the president and in both months Grimstone was elected president of the provisional government of South Africa. After these three months as president Grimstone decided that he did not want to run for a fourth term. Being vice-president for two months and Grimstone not running anymore was the perfect moment for Fhaemita to finally fulfil his ambition and run for president. On October 18, 2010 he posted his Declaration of Intent to Run For President and finally went and tried to fulfil his ambition to become president of South Africa.[17] In a forum vote he won easily from his opponents tenshibo, nick jones and Joseph Rich in a landslide win where he got 75% of all the forum votes.[18] The ingame elections were a different story, Fhaemita was running again Hungarian candidate Kutyafa who won with 268 votes against only 131 votes for Fhaemita[19]

His month as president wasn't an easy one and one that was marked by a lot of fighting and controversy. It started even before he officially was president in his time as president-elect between the forum preliminary vote and the ingame elections there were already members of cabinet fighting and at the start of his term came to a high point after one of them posted an accusing post about the other but this was quickly shushed. Not soon after this, one of the ministers of his cabinet and one of the directors of the Ministry of Information started a topic about impeaching the president out of the blue and both were fired due to the unworkable situation between the president and those two. After two were fired from Fhaemita's cabinet one of them, who was also the speaker of parliament started his rage quit and started deleting topics from the Congress forums but was quickly stopped and banned from the forum. He later made a deal with Fhaemita that he could return to the forum but he would not be able to have any official position for 3 months. This was not the last thing that went wrong as more of his cabinet would resign from their position and at the end of the month, he had also lost both his Minister of Security and Deputy Minister of Security.

Nearing the end of his term as president there was only one option wiping eSouth Africa off the map till after the congress elections and so Fhaemita made a deal with the Brazilians to wipe eSouth Africa and keep them off the map and South Africa would resistance war all regions back except three regions that Brazil would loan. A few days before the congress elections another option came up, the Hungarian PTO where willing to leave the country for 500 gold and the days after that first contact a contract was made and signed on the South African side by the President, the Vice President, Chief of Staff of the South African Armed Forces and the Deputy Chief of Staff of the South African Armed Forces.[20] Congress was informed about the contract but due to time constraints and it almost being congress elections there was no time to go true the procedure of a 24 hour discussion and a 24 hour vote. This led to outrage from a very small number of citizens who did not agree with the contract and that there was a deal made with the Hungarians.[21][22][23] Despite a small number of people including some congressmen disagreeing with the contract that was signed the deal went true and as agreed and the South African got the majority of Congress as was agreed in the contract[24]

Post Presidency

After his first term, he was planning to run for a second term to see if he could win the first free elections in six months and become country president ingame. A group of citizens started a petition that Grimstone should run for his fourth term as country president. After much deliberation Grimstone decided that he would run again and both Fhaemita and one of the other candidates Al Kazar decided not to run. In the ingame elections Grimstone who ran under the Independent Alternative banner and was supported by the Social Democratic Party (South Africa) and the eSA National Unity Party won against Champinator of the Constitutional Equality Party with 63,5% of the votes.[25] Fhaemita was asked to become Minister of Domestic Affairs, the ministry he made as a merger of the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Information a position that he also held the next term under the presidency of Krimpiekat who won the February country president elections Fhaemita was asked for a second term as Minister of Domestic Affairs.[26][27] Fhaemita was also congressman in February and elected Congress Moderator. Being too busy with his job as Minister of Domestic Affairs, and also wanting a break as party president after 6 consecutive terms and wanting to give somebody a chance he decided not to run for the party president for New Africa Party and the party decided that Allen Webster would be the next party president.

Icon-Belgium.png Belgium

Belgium Life

Another part of his decision not to run again for party president was that he wanted a chance of scenery, that is why he also didn't run for Congress in February. After he was granted citizenship in Belgium on March 5, 2011, he joined Res Belgica the second biggest party in Belgium. Almost a week after the country's presidential elections, the position of Minister of Home Affairs in Belgium was still free, Fhaemita took a shot at it and applied for it and was accepted for the position on March 17, 2011.[28] On March 22, 2011 he switches to United Left Alliance and ran for Congress in Wallonia. He was also Minister of Home Affairs again in April this time under NLSP. In April he ran for Congress in Brussels under the United Left Alliance and got in with a wildcard. On April 30, 2011, Fhaemita was fired from his position as Minister of Home Affairs after writing a article about a post by the president in the private government forum. but a few days later got nominated by that same president as justice for Belgium's supreme court. On May 5, 2011, he got confirmed by Congress as the new justice and he resigned from his position as a congressman. After the presidential elections of May 2011 he became Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa for the second month in a row and mostly kept himself with the ambassador part of the ministry of foreign affairs.[29][30] Fhaemita ran for party president of United Left Alliance in May 2011 and got elected and he also ran for Congress on May 25, 2011, in Wallonia under the United Left Alliance and got elected with 7 votes. After NicknameFromRonny resigned as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Belgium and Fhaemita applied and he got the job making him responsible for the embassies.[31] After Fabio86 was fired as Minister of Foreign Affairs a position he also got the next month [32][33] He also got elected in Congress.

Belgian Presidency

For the July country presidential elections Jofroi was running under his party All TOgethers with the support of United Left Alliance. Instead, Fhaemita was asked if he was interested to run for president of Belgium. After much deliberation and thinking if he should run only four months after coming to Belgium he decided that he would run for president. Besides support from his own party, he also gained support from All TOgethers and after talking to Monsieur Guillontine who was party president of the Belgian Communist Party he also gained support from that party.[34] The biggest party of Belgium for Belgians was also asked to support but decided not to support not to run a candidate of their own. The smallest party Bro's B4 Ho's also was planning to support but shadowucks was too late to support him ingame and accidentally run himself. With Fhaemita being the only serious candidate he won the elections with a landslide majority of almost 80% of the votes. Seeing he was the only candidate he had enough time to already form his cabinet and his cabinet was posted very shortly after the result of the election were final [35] On July 03, 2011, Congress passed a vote on the creation of a monarchy with Mittekemuis as queen of Belgium, Fhaemita was named His Princely Grace The Prince of Waterloo. [36]

Short after Fhaemita became president he came under fire for being a member of Ultramarines while being president and thus commander-in-chief of the Belgian Army but the fire was quickly distinguished when he took a leave of absence for a month from the Ultramarines. Nearing the end of Fhaemita's term as president a training war with United Kingdom was started where if United Kingdom would win one of Belgium regions there would be an auction for who would start the resistance war but this plan was foiled when the admins changed the resistance war rules where changed by the admins.[37] During his term as president, Congress proposed laws that made the donation of gold that was received when you are elected in congress or as president mandatory and also part of the gold received for the resistance wars. The mandatory Congress donation discussion was started after Belgian Communist Party refused to donate their congress gold voluntarily, these events could be seen as the start of the Belgian civil war.

Post Presidency

After his term as president he was Minister of Defense for three terms under Critically, Monsieur Guillontine and jamster737. On October 30, 2011, during his third term as minister of defense of Belgium, he resigned from his position and left Belgium. The reason for this was that discussion about a training war where started behind the back of the government, the final agreement was made without including Fhaemita who was the minister of Defense.[38] In November he was elected as Secretary General of Comintern the organisation to strengthen the international relationships between the e-Worlds far-left parties.

Icon-USA.png USA


After leaving Belgium he moved to eUnited States of America where he quickly was accepted by a fellow Ultramarines member. He became a member of the United States Workers Party a party that contained a lot of his fellow Ultramarines. Fhaemita ran a total of seven times for Congress, the first three terms he ran in Hawaii under the United States Workers Party and got elected fairly easily. In the two following terms in Hawaii he got beaten both times, first by Acestar and the next election by Mythakbar. Because of his two losses in a row in Hawaii Fhaemita decided to run in Idaho for a change and got elected in Congress again 2 months in a row. After his first election, the newly elected speaker Eli Crownover asked him to be congressional whip and he accepted the position. He held that position for 7 consecutive terms, two terms under Eli Crownover, two terms under rainy sunday, 2 terms under GoalieBCSC. In May John Largo was elected Speaker of the House and he asked Fhaemita besides being Congressional Whip to also be Deputy Speaker of the House, he accepted the position gladly. After the June congress elections, he decided it was time to give it a go to get in the big chair of Congress and go for Speaker of the House. The elections were very close but in the end, his opponent Haliman won by 1 vote difference. Haliman asked Fhaemita to be deputy speaker again and Fhaemita gladly accepted. After 7 consecutive terms as Congressional Whip potato134 was his successor. After the July Congress election, he decided to try again for Speaker of the House. He lost his seat in Congress after not being elected in Oaxaca against Shermain but still decided to run for Speaker of the House. He ran against American Military Party member Chucky Norris and with the support of United States Workers Party, iNCi, Federalist Party and even some American Military Party members, he got elected as Speaker of the House. After his month of the speaker, he decided to not rerun and speaker the following month and take a break from Congress leadership. In the September congress election, with the new congress system, he was placed in the 5th spot and got into Congress. In October he signed up for the congress election but due to a game bug, he got dropped. In November he got elected after being placed in first place on the ballot of USWP. In December while being Party President he put himself low on the list and didn't get elected. In February he ran as a 6th party member under the United States Workers Party for Congress but got bumped down on the list last minute and didn't get elected for Congress.


Shortly after he became an American citizen, he signed up for the eUSA Department of State as ambassador to Netherlands and Belgium and was even USA Regional Director of Western Europe before all these positions where abolished due to a restructuring of the ambassador program. After the first presidential election, he was asked by Alexander Auctoritas who was Secretary of State to become his deputy in charge of MPP. Fhaemita held his position for seven terms, two under Alexander Auctoritas, the third and fourth terms (the position was renamed to Director of Alliance Affairs) under Evry and three terms under Tenshibo. In April he also got appointed as Deputy Secretary of State a position he wasn't asked to reprise the next month but within a week of the term the appointed deputy went inactive and Fhaemita became Deputy Secretary of State after all and in June and July he held the position for the third and fourth term. Halfway true the July term Tenshibo, who was Secretary of State resigned and Fhaemita was promoted to Secretary of State. After the Country's presidential election of August where Glove won he was replaced by Candice Michelle. After Glove was impeached he was named Deputy Secretary of State for the remainder of the term a position he kept in September under Israel Stevens and in October under Henry Pfeiffer Arundel. During the September CP elections, he was also offered the position by both other candidates, Alexander Auctoritas offered Secretary of State and the other candidate Dennis McVicker offered the Chief of staff cabinet position but both candidates didn't win the elections. In November and December, he was Director of Detection Director in the Ministry of Homeland Security. In January and February, he was a staffer in Department of Defense, he declines to hold the same position in the government of March. Before May 2013, election Presidential Candidate Dr Luis Sentieiro asked him to be the National Security Council Co-Director, but Dr Luis Sentieiro lost the Unity Elections. In the July elections, PTO candidate Zeng999 asked Fhaemita to be in his cabinet as Chief of Staff or Secretary of Media but he declined.

Foreign Politics

Shortly after he got citizenship in eUSA he was elected for a second term as Secretary General of Comintern, in this term he disbanded Comintern due to lack of interest and activity. Even though he had citizenship in the USA he was asked to become a cabinet member in a number of countries including Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and South Africa. In his 20 months he had citizenship in the USA he held a multitude of positions in the above-named countries, most of them in South Africa

Shortly after his move to USA he was asked by Luka Tomasevic Tomas who was a presidential candidate in Switzerland to become Minister of Interior if he would win the country president elections but Fhaemita would have to take citizenship in Switzerland, he decided to decline the position. Due to his activity and help in the Swiss forum he was asked twice to be Director of the Ambassador Program, in April he accepted the position but in June he decided to decline the position because of lack of time due to his other positions. In May, he also was asked to fulfil a position of choice in Belgium but he decided to decline after his removal as an honorary citizen the previous month. Before the November 2012 election, he was asked by Presidential candidates in two different countries to be part of their cabinets. missingno, a CP candidate in Netherlands asked Fhaemita to be Deputy Minister of Defence and Monsieur Guillontine who was Country President candidate in Switzerland asked if Fhaemita wanted to be his Minister of Foreign Affairs but declined the offer. Although he did not hold an official position he was responsible for updating the wiki or The Netherlands under the supervision of the Minister of Home Affairs Kimberly McCullouch. When Kimberly McCullouch ran for president of the Netherlands he was offered a position as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Home Affairs and accepted. After Kimberly McCullouch was impeached her successor Joshua Morriseau kept him as Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and made him advisor. He was promoted to Ministry of Home Affairs the next month under Zeeuwsmeisje and in March government under Van Spijck.

In South Africa Fhaemita served for more than a year as an adviser to the president, he served a total of 12 consecutive terms between March 6, 2012, and April 2013. He served 2 under Steven Bosch, 1 term under Mulderpf, 2 terms under StanEslah, 1 term under Vanessa1309, 1 term under Luna Tic Moonfang, 1 term under Had3z, 1 term under Al Kazar, 1 term under Claudio KiIgannon and 1 term under Grimstone. In April 2013 his consecutive terms as adviser stopped as he wasn't made advisor while he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs under Grimstone but in May he returned as Advisor under Ejdatful and kept that positions under all subsequent Presidents. He was in the foreign affairs ministry quite a few times. Under Luna Tic Moonfang he served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, In StanEslah's first term Fhaemita was also Minister of Foreign Affairs and in the second term Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In June Miyagiyoda asked him to be Minister of Foreign Affairs again and he accepted but not even halfway through the term Fhaemita resigned from his position as Minister of Foreign Affairs but stayed on as advisor a position he also kept after Miyagiyoda was impeached and was replaced with Cody Caine.

Party Politics

Since Fhaemita became a citizen of USA he had been a member of the United States Workers Party. In June the USWP restarted the Zombie Horde, and in August due to his hard work with mass mailing members about Congressional, Party President and Country elections, he got promoted to Political Action Committee Director. Both October and November he tried to run for Party President of the United States Workers Party but failed to get the nomination in the forum elections. In December after campaigning was finally elected Party President of the United States Workers Party. After his month as Party president of USWP he left the party and joined Vox Populi where he quickly was made the director of Public Relations/Media. He ran for Party President of Vox Populi in February but lost to Joseph Dinero in the forum preliminary but was given a position on the election board. After being screwed over by Joseph Dinero during the congress election he left Vox Populi and joined Blood Brethren. He stayed in that party for a month but left for the American Progressive Party. The day before the Party President Election of April 2013 the Party President Mercurius100 asked Fhaemita to take over the party and he did. He was Party President for 2 months until he lost the Party President election against Alexandrer Coin, he accepted a position as Secretary General but shortly after that got offered a position as Political Director in Team America Party the old PTO party American Freedom Alliance that stewy had taken over in the Party President elections.

Icon-Denmark.png Denmark

After being ousted from his position of Commanding Officer of Flight Training by the June 2013 cabinet he knew it was time to leave USA and requested citizenship in Denmark and on July 12, 2013, his citizenship request was accepted. After he asked about an ambassador program he was made responsible for the ambassador program and the next month he was responsible for the Foreign Affairs with MazzyCat and he stayed in the Ministry Foreign Affairs for the months thereafter. During the Party Presidency elections of August 2013, he ran for Party President of Nihilist People's Party who were considered a security risk. He won by a narrow margin and after the multies from the party were banned and everybody left the party, the party was disbanded on August 19. During the September Party President election Fhaemita again against Hannah22 this time in her new party Denmark National Party. He won the party and renamed the party to Danish Nihilist Party. The next won the ran unopposed for party president. Fairly quickly, only after 3 months of being in Denmark and went back to Belgium.

Icon-Belgium.png Belgium

The Return

The Valeyard, even after he left with up and downs always stayed active on the Belgium forum even after his honorary citizenship and Friends of Belgium was removed. In October 2013 his Honorary Citizenship was reinstated and (also due to the lack of interest from other people) he applied for a position as Judge in the Supreme Court Justice and was accepted. On October 21, 2013, just before Belgium got (voluntarily) wiped out by Poland, his citizenship in Belgium was accepted and he returned to Belgium after being away for almost two years. His decision to return to Belgium was done because of his connections there and the people he knew and that he wanted to help against the PTO. Shortly after he was given citizenship he joined Belgian National Army and only a few days later was named the 2nd Commander of that Military unit. Not long after that, the Commander of Belgian National Army Critically decided that he wanted to resign and The Valeyard was named as the new commander of the Military unit on November 2, 2013. When he became Belgian he returned to Res Belgica Belgian's oldest party and the party he joined when he became Belgian the first time.


Belgian was in bad shape because of the ongoing PTO, it started with a group real life Belgians who wanted change but did not get enough support and decided to circumvent Immigration rules and let in Croats to get more supporters for their ideas. This was seen by the Belgian community as an attempt to PTO and eventually it was decided to wipe Belgium for the congress elections a policy that was started by MaryamQ in October and kept by the president who succeeded her as president. This was decided to stop the PTO'ers to be able to let in more PTO'ers and gain a majority and grab power in Belgium. At the time the decision was fully supported by the majority of Congress and the Belgian Community. Over the months the support for a wipe would falter and there would be more and more opposition against a permanent wipe of Belgium but The Valeyard was one of the more vocal proponents of the wipe till the PTO was over. In The Valeyard eyes, an unwipe would be fatal for Belgium and would cause the PTO'ers to be able to take over while the opposition's stand was that a wipe was draining the fun out of Belgium and making people leave. The Valeyard's strong stance for the wipe made him not universally likes especially by the opposition who wanted to see Belgium unwiped.

Running For President

On November 25th 2014, only a month after his return to Belgium he declared his intentions to run for President of Belgium. He was supported by his own party Res Belgica and also supported by other parties like The Belgian Dream, Belgian Labour Party, Belgian Communist Party and HOPE while his opponent JdlF who ran under the All_TOgethers banner and was supported by Union-Unie and PANDA party and Liberation Front. It was a fierce campaign, one like Belgium hadn't seen for a very long time. JdlF and The Valeyard were on opposite sides on most things most noticeable the wipe. Valeyard was a strong proponent of a wipe while JdlF strongly opposed the wipe. The PTO became one of the main issues in the campaign for president in December. Both sides run five articles upcoming to the presidential elections with their plans and ideas and their ideas and stances on the wipe. On December 5th, 2014 voting day was closed but The Valeyard eventually won with an eleven vote difference.

After the Presidency

In the March Elections, long time Belgium citizen Jofroi who had been president after impeachment multiple times but was never elected president finally ran for President. After he was supported by Res Belgica and All_TOgethers ingame he decided that was the sign that he should run. Opposition member Boer Jan and some other candidates won easily with more than 50% of the votes. The Valeyard who was asked to be Minister of Foreign Affairs resigned only a few hours after the presidential elections were finalized after Jofroi posted his cabinet and one of the PTO'ers ChristijanX, who had been involved in PTO's in other countries was named Vice President. The Valeyard resigned as he did not support a cabinet that includes a known PTO'er and did not want to have to clean up the mess that would happen. He resigned from his position as Minister and all other positions and not much later left Belgium and returned to Netherlands.

Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands

Returning Home

On the 12th of March 2014, after 4 years of being away, he finally returned home to the Netherlands. Although he hadn't been a citizen of the Netherlands for 4 years he had always stayed active on both eNL forum and their IRC channels and did 3 terms as the Minister of Home Affairs while being away. After careful consideration between joining DemNL and Iron & Wine he eventually joined the latter. With the subsequent congress elections he was placed in the 2nd spot for the congress elections and got elected in eNL congress, he kept his congressional seat in the May and June congress elections. It was the first time since December 2012 that Fhaemita has been in Congress. He was a congress member for 3 terms in March, April and May. he was also elected as party president of Iron & Wine in June 2014.

In March 2014, NoTie112 got elected as President of eNL and Fhaemita became Deputy Minister of finance under Aries Prime. In May Arcanic Mindje was elected and Fhaemita was named Minister of Information but he got swapped with Daniel Parker who was Minister of Finance halfway through the term. During the June 2014 presidential elections, he was asked by the two main contenders (Kordak and Cody Caine) to be Deputy Minister of finance again. After an incident on IRC which involved Kordak, he declined the position of Deputy Minister of finance under Kordak.

Icon-USA.png USA


Icon-Belgium.png Belgium


Political career overview

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Military


Influence Per Fight (Q7): 329,757
Icon rank Legends.png
Rank: Legend VII
86,450,212,262 / 90,000,000,000
Icon adv train.png
Strength: 246,332.09
246,332.09 / 246,500

Training Grounds

Icon - Weights Room Q4.png Weights Room - Q4 Icon - Climbing Center Q4.png Climbing Center - Q4
Icon - Shooting Range Q4.png Shooting Range - Q4 Icon - Special Forces Center Q4.png Special Forces Centre - Q4

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Work

During v1 he was a he was a skill level 7.08 manufacturing and 4.46 land
During v2 level 9 (Guru) producer and a low level harvester with skill level 5 (Coordinator).
During v2.5 he was a highly skilled worker, with a level 12 (guru**) work skill.
Before work skill was removed from the game he had a work skill of 498144.

He is a hard worker and has not missed one day of work since his ebirth more then 45 months.
He currently has 39 hard worker medals and has worked more than 1350 days in a row.
Current employer is Current employer is xy2set

Icon achievement Phoenix on.gif Business

Fhaemita currently owns 75 companies, all of which are located in Belgium.

Company Type Quality Level Number of Companies
Fhaemita Q5 Food Company Inc Icon - Food Q5.png 5stars.gif 5
Fhaemita Hunting Lodge Inc Icon - Deer.png 5stars.gif 14
Fhaemita Tank Company Inc Icon - Weapon Q7.png 7stars.gif 7
Fhaemita Rubber Plantation Inc Icon - Rubber.png 4stars.gif 48

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif Media

Fhaemita Malodorous is the owner and editor-in-chief of a newspaper on his citizen account called Fhaemita View and previously on another newspaper called South African Weekly that ran under his org Fhaemita. Another newspaper Fhaemita had access to and wrote for was The New African Herald the newspaper of political party New Africa Party that is now defunct. Previously he has also written articles for eSouth African government newspapers for instance Ministry of Information eSA newspaper eSA Information Ministry, SA Min. of Foreign Affairs newspaper SA Foreign Affairs Report and finally eSouth African Presidency newspaper The Presidency. During his time in Belgium as minister and president, he also had access to Belgium.info the national org the newspaper Belgium.info.

His newspaper on his personal account currently has just 181 subscribers and his newspaper in his org had 15 subscribers but After the admins deleted dead citizens and orgs from the subscribers his subscriber count went down to 124
On August 5, 2012, he reached 1000 subscribers and got his first Media Mogul medal

Icon achievement Sol on.gif Achievements & Progress


Icon achievement Liberator on.gif
Liberator (x1)
Icon achievement Dictator Trainee on.gif
Dictator Trainee (x12)
Switzerland and Belgium
Icon achievement True Dictator on.gif
True Dictator (x4)
Switzerland and Belgium

Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x659)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x132)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x70)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x19)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x4621)
Icon achievement Sky Hero on.gif
Sky Hero (x34)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x1230)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x199)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x1156)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x27)
Icon achievement Top Fighter on.gif
Top Fighter (x5)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x2105)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter on.gif
Prestige Hunter (x7)

Non-Game Medals

Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x30)

Alliance Medals

Icon achievement PEACE on.gif
PEACE soldier* (x1)
United Netherlands
Icon achievement Sol on.gif
SOL soldier* (x1)
South Africa
Icon achievement Phoenix on.gif
Phoenix soldier* (x1)
United Netherlands
Icon achievement Terra on.gif
Terra soldier* (x1)
United States of America
Icon achievement Pacifica on.gif
Pacifica soldier* (x2)
United States of America

Community Medals & Honors

Badge - Crown's order for Leadership.jpg I, Mr. Wonka, President of Belgium, hereby award Fhaemita The Apostate the title of
Knight in the Order of the Crown for commanding our state nation army
Badge - Crown's order for Civil Contributions.jpg I, Jofroi, President of Belgium, hereby award Fhaemita The Apostate the title of
Knight in the Order of the Crown for Civil contributions
Badge - Crown's order for Military Contributions.jpg I, Jofroi, President of Belgium, hereby award Fhaemita The Apostate the title of
Knight in the Order of the Crown for Military valor
Badge - Willems-Orde.jpg I, NoTie112, President of the Netherlands, hereby award Fhaemita The Apostate the title of
Dutch Lion in the Willems-orde for military valor.
Dutch Lion
Badge - Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw.jpg I, NoTie112, President of the Netherlands, hereby award Fhaemita The Apostate the title of
Officer in the Orde der Nederlandse Leeuw for political dedication to our country.
Badge - Member of the King's court.jpg I, MCKitkat, Monarch of Belgium, hereby award Fhaemita The Apostate the title of
Member of the King's Royal Court.

Medals & Awards

Award Category Place Date Location
eSA Community Awards Politician of the Month Winner Day 1,241 South Africa
eSA Community Awards Most Active forum user Winner Day 1,241 South Africa
2nd BoDi Awards Outstanding Diplomatic Service Nominated Day 1,257 Belgium
3rd BoDi Awards Life Achievement Award Winner Day 1,397 Belgium
3rd BoDi Awards Iconic Award Nominated Day 1,397 Belgium
3rd BoDi Awards Kylero Commitment to National Security Nominated Day 1,397 Belgium
4th BoDi Awards Award of Merit Nominated Day 1,737 Belgium
5th BoDi Awards Award of Merit Nominated Day 1,832 Belgium
Newspaper of the Month December Edition Nominated Day 2,231 Belgium
The Golden Bicycle Summer Edition Nominated Day 2,456 Netherlands


Country Honour Since Until
Netherlands (hopefully) trusted ambassadors September 21, 2010 September 28, 2013
Belgium Friends of eBelgium October 30, 2011 October 25, 2012
Belgium Friends of Congress November 2, 2011 October 25, 2012
South Africa eSA Community Citizen January 12, 2012 June 6, 2014
Belgium Honorary Citizen March 10, 2012 May, 15 2012
Netherlands Honorary Citizen November 6, 2012 May 14 2013
Belgium Friends of Congress December 8, 2011 November 2, 2013
Netherlands Expatriates May 14, 2013 September 28, 2013
Belgium Honorary Citizen October 5, 2013 November 2, 2013
Belgium Honorable Foreigner March 18 2014

Country Forms of address Title Since Until
Belgium His (Princely) Grace Prince of Waterloo Jul 03 2011 January 10, 2013
Belgium His (Princely) Grace Duke of Brussels January 10, 2013

Icon achievement Alianza Latino Americana on.gif Avatars

Icon achievement Top Fighter on.gif e-Family

Fhaemita was born an e-orphan and for most of his e-life didn't have a family. In September he married prophexy but the marriage only lasted for a month when prophexy e-cheated on Fhaemita with Jeanlouis. He was left with his stepson Monsieur Guillontine. Later in his e-life well after he left Belgium on June 22 2012 he was adopted by MaryamQ and Cotarius making him related to most (active) people in Belgium and Switzerland. The family has its roots in Switzerland but branches out to most countries in the e-world among others but not limited to the Netherlands, USA, Slovakia, Indonesia, Germany and the United Kingdom [39][40]. On December 27, 2012, he adopted Beaver Juice as his e-son.
In the summer of 2012 Fhaemita was also engaged to Dennis McVicker for a short while but he went inactive and Fhaemita broke off the engagement.

Spouse: None
ex-Husband prophexy
ex-fiancé Dennis McVicker
Son: Beaver Juice & Monsieur Guillontine
Father: Cotarius
Mother: MaryamQ
Brother: Konrad Neumann, Red Duck, Flamendr
Sister: None
Brother-in-Law: Tim Veltkamp (deceased), Critically, van Spijck
Sister-in-Law: None
Uncle: Pieter (by marriage) & tecuvo
Aunt: Mittekemuis
Grandfather: BrunoCND
Grandmother: Elynea
Great Grandfather: Rican
Great Grandmother: Lotus Black

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Friends

Icon achievement Wiki on.gif References

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